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Thyroid surgery
jmill923 posted:
I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and I have a larger goiter, my doctor recently decided to look into it a little more because I've been having problems sleeping, no energy and weight gain. I did an ultrasound first which showed multiple nodules ranging in size up to 2cm, so then I did a radioactive thyroid scan which showed I have cold nodes. I saw the endocrinologist and she wants to do a biopsy possibly surgery but she wants to double check the size of the nodes because the first ultrasound wasn't very clear. I was wanting other thoughts on having my thyroid removed, I have people telling me I will feel better once I have it done and the meds are adjusted right and others tell me it's a big mistake and I will never have any energy if they take out my thyroid. I want to be able to ask my doctor lots of questions before this surgery to make sure there is no other options in getting it fixed.

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