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Help - Abnormal TSH normal T4 waiting to see doctor
Baileynewf posted:
Three weeks ago I went to my physician for my annual physical. I'd been having heart palpitations and noticed that my hair had been falling out and was getting quite coarse and brittle. My doctor told me that my TSH was 0.07 which indicates hyperthyroid and told me to come back in a week to repeat the test. My second test showed a TSH of 0.08 and Free T4 of 1.3.
My primary care doc referred me to an endocrinologist and they can't see me until March 19th. Since then, I have been put on atenolol for rapid heart beat and I am losing as much as a pound a day. I'm very tired and irritable and my mouth is dry ALL the time. I'm trying to get in sooner with an endocrinologist but am having no luck. I feel like the doctors think this is no big deal and am very frustrated and depressed.
Where you also started on a anti-thyroid med? [br>[br>I have Graves disease and been dealing with hyperthyroidism for a long time. So I might be able to answer some of your questions.[br>[br>Peace be the journey[br>[br>Paja

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