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hyperthyroid no treatment
spookypixie posted:
So I went in and had blood work that showed I had low levels of TSH making me hyperthyroid. So they wanted to start me on treatment and radiation. Well I am strictly nursing she is 6mo eats tiny amounts of real food I had to stop nursing 24 hours once do to a medical reason we both caved after she refused to eat for 16 hours. If I go out she refuses even the pumped milk. anyway my dr talked to someone about it. They said it might be postpartum hyperthyroid so they are giving me 3 to 4mons to see if there are changes. my dr told me this and gave me a list of things to report. I lied and said I had none. I do my neck hurts bad like I am being slightly chocked. Its beengetting worse I dont want to stop nursing and I am wondering if throat/ neck pain/ small lump are normal with postpartum thyroiditis

What the blazes is the doctor thinking?!! RAI should NEVER be the first thing offered to treat hyperthyroidism!!

This may be something that clears up post partum/when your done nursing!!

There is also ZERO reason to be suffering from the low TSH and that effects on your body!

They should have told you to take Propylthiouracil (PTU)

It is an anti-thyroid medication that will help you get your labs back in control.

The amount of PTU that crosses in breast milk is minimal. (about 0.025% of the dose). The American Academy of Pediatrics considers PTU compatible with breast feeding.

So minimal in fact they do not even bother to run lab tests on the infants.

I used this with both my pregnancies AND while nursing with no ill effects on my children.

The effects of hyperthyroidism can be bad, (cardiac issues) seek a qualified endocrinologist to treat you. In the mean time google the PTU inform yourself and call your doctor back and say, lets try this as a stop gap till I am done nursing.

Peace be the journey

(Graves, two hyperthyroid pregnancies with PTU use during and after while nursing. RAI 2008)
hewitt58 replied to DOGDANCING_TCOS's response:
I'm 58 when I was 28 I had my second son, the doc at that time noticed I had nodules and I was tested, and found I was hyperthyroid, well long story short I didn;t do anything with it, up until a year ago, but if I would have know about ptu I would have looked into it. The only information I can give you is, don't eat anything with iodine in it, that's what caused my thyroid to go into thyroid storm, something you really don't want to go thru, very dangerous, even watch your salt intake, don't use iodize salt.
hewitt58 replied to hewitt58's response:
I can really kick myself for taking rai I would have looked into foods that would bring my thyroid under control, for 28 years I must have eaten some of those foods and vitamins because I was able to control my hyper thyroid, but then I blew it when I ate a whole bunch of seaweed and that just thru it into overdrive. From what my indo doctor said my thyroid is still functioning, has anyone gone thru rai and there thyroid is still functioning, does anyone know if I can get it back to working right again? I sure would love to get off of medication, there is such a restriction as to what I can eat, the food I'm use to eating is no longer on my list since I've been on levoxyl. thanks
DOGDANCING_TCOS replied to hewitt58's response:
most people who undergo RAI are left with a partially functioning thyroid.

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