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GreenTMach posted:
I am a male in his mid 20s, whom has had a parent with hypothyroid condition. So, a couple of years ago I started noticing strange things happen to my health and didnt pay a whole lot of attention to it. Then it continued to get worse and the main symptom was hair fall. I wake up in the morning with hair on my sheets and on my pillow. I have had tests done by two different health providers and I still come up negative for hypo. I have very dry skin even in the most humid times of the year, so dry that when I shave anymore, I have to be very careful not to scrape my skin. and after I am done, ends up feeling exactly like I sandpapered my face. My libido has been the last symptom. I have a low libido most of the time and even sometimes pain in my groin. My doc ran a TSH and said that it was within range. But I sought out the opinion of a specialist and he too took a tsh test. I asked him about if he would take the free levels, and he laughed and said no because they were not reliable. A while after that, I went one more time to a leading clinic in my region and they ended up running many levels. Everything came back "normal" but one thing. My vitamin D levels were at a 12, the end of the specrum and I was recommended to take a daily dose of vitamin D until I felt better. I still dont feel better and the onset of constant forgetfulness cannot happen in my job where I need to be accountable for basic things and apply the knowledge of my trade. I will have to read something two or three times sometimes, to get through it. If it is something else then it needs to be rectified I am tired of wondering what is going on. All I hear from those that I have talked to about this situation is, that you shouldnt go against what the doctors say because they are professionals and that it makes no sense to go against thier test results.
GreenTMach responded:
SOme other more recent symptoms have been ups and downs in my day where I feel fine at one point, and then feel low. It doesnt happen everyday, but its been noticeable very recently. I can also get very mad at the drop of a hat.

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