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Adderall possible cause?
IndigoRiley posted:
I have been on adderall xr for the last 10yrs. My thyroid used to be on the HYPO side now im HYPER. Can adderall CAUSE problems with thyroid??
mountainmom48 responded:
Have you asked your doc and/or pharmacist? Are you taking the meds at least 4 hours apart? Additionally, are you checking thyroid labs at least every six months if not sooner?
IndigoRiley replied to mountainmom48's response:
Well the thing is i pretty much need the adderall to function like a normal human being. And i dont mean bc im "addicted" but even before i took the adderall i wasnt functioning normally. I have ADD to the max and i literally couldnt think straight and got all F's bc of how spacy i was. It was like i was living in my own little world and wasnt a part of this one. I was like a walking zombie. So anyway, my TSH is 1.5 but i have a multinodular goiter and all kinds of things going on. I have had an ultrasound, bloodwork, and just the other day a thyroid nuclear scan. So waiting on those results which will prob give a wayy better idea of whats going on...but i asked this question bc i am just very curious. I only take ONE timed released adderall a day. In the morning. Even when they wanted me to up my dose i said no. Anyway, anyone on adderall to help with their thyroid issues? Mountain mom, thanks so much for responding..I just joined webmd discussions. Very helpful..thankyou!
mountainmom48 replied to IndigoRiley's response:
I take generic adderall for a sleep disorder and levothyroxine (generic synthroid) for hypothyroidism. I take the thyroid pill at 5:30am and do not have anything else (coffee, breakfast, other medicine) for at least an hour. I do not believe my hypothyroidism is exacerbated by the other medicine. I do think though, that for me, my mood is a little off due to hypothyroidism. I'm hoping that corrects to some degree after stabalizing my thyroid through medicine. I wonder if your worsening symptoms are due to further decline in thyroid function and not related to attention issues. I hope you get answers and relief soon. Good luck.

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