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hypothyroid levels
lander5151 posted:
I have been on synthroid for hypothyroidism for years. I recently had my thyroid levels tested and the TSH was 3.97 and th Thyroxine was 1.74. Are these levels normal or is it time to up the doseage of my synthroid medication. The charts on normal vary from one site to the next. What is the correct level.
mountainmom48 responded:
You'll need to refer to the ranges from the lab that did your bloodwork to see where your numbers fall in the range. What did your doctor advise you to do? Also, how are you feeling with the current dose? That might also help determine if you are appropriately supplementing your thyroid.
lander5151 replied to mountainmom48's response:
The lab say 5 is high, but with the reading that I have done that is the old standard and the new standard supposedly says over 3 is high on the TSH levels. I seem to have all the same stuff going on that I had before the doctor put me on thyroid meds. Tired, sore joints, itchy skin, swolen ankles and the fact that I have gained 45 pounds. I have absolutly no energy whatsoever.
mountainmom48 replied to lander5151's response:
Damn that weight gain! Doesn't that just add fuel to the fire?? Was your blood work recent since you've gained the weight? If so, and I don't know, might you need a dose increase? Do you know if you have hashimoto's disease? If so, I believe that is progressive meaning over time, your thyroid will produce less and less of its own whatever it is we have to replace with medicine, therefore upping the dose or changing things up a bit is necessary. I am so sorry you feel poorly right now. Hopefully you'll get some relief soon. Hope you update.
linda99999 responded:
"Normal" is different for everyone. Find out where you feel best inside the "normal" range. Many years ago my Endocrinologist said young women (pre-menopause) seem to do best when the TSH is on the low end. Transports hormones better. Now that theory may have changed over the years...Ask your Doc.
linda99999 replied to lander5151's response:
High TSH means your Pituitary is trying to stimulate your Thyroid gland to put more thyroid into your system. Of course you don't have one, so increase your dosage.

I am female, and I feel my best when my TSH is at 1 or a bit lower. you may be different, but you certainly have hypothyroid symptoms!

Check with your Doc, but for me, as long as my values stay within the TSH range dosage can be adjusted to decrease either hyper or hypo symptoms.
hormonequeen replied to linda99999's response:
Please call AMOWC 813-341-2600 they changed my life. I was hypothyroid and they knew exactly what to test and how to treat my thyroid with compounded T3 SR or T3 T4 SR for treatment. I feel amazing everyday, they helped me balance all my hormones, nutritional deficiencies, neurotransmitters, they give excellent customer service with being very open minded and understanding.

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