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Intense Exercise makes my hands and feet very cold. Low Thyroid?
linda99999 posted:
I Zumba for exercise. It's a fun form of intense cardio. But I've noticed some changes lately. I warm up, I perspire appropriately, but my body doesn't seem to warm up. In fact, my hands and feet get so cold that they turn blue!
Additionally, I've been waking up in the mornings with various symptoms; foot and/or lower leg cramps, tingling/numbness in my feet and/or hands, and now and again I'll wake up with one or two or more finger joints frozen either fully extended or fully flexed!!! What the?
Have any of you ever experienced this?

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Intense Exercise makes my hands and feet very cold; low Thyroid?
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hormonequeen responded:
Cold hands and feet are signs of being hypothyroid. Please call AMOWC 813-341-2600 they changed my life. I was hypothyroid and they knew exactly what to test and how to treat my thyroid with compounded T3 SR or T3 T4 SR for treatment. I feel amazing everyday, they helped me balance all my hormones, nutritional deficiencies, they give excellent customer service with being very open minded and understanding.

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I was diagnosed with Grave's Disease in December of 2009. In June of 2010 I had my thyroid removed.

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