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Low T4, Low T3, & Low Reverse T3, Serum
SKC_SF posted:
Hello, I am new to this site and have a question. Has anyone else had blood tests reveal the following: Low T4, Low T3 AND Low Reverse T3 Serum? I am not sure what to make of it because everything I have seen on-line in my searches shows when T3 is low then Reverse T3 is elevated but both my results showed low.

Symptoms - weight gain from 132 to 165 in 1 year (probably would have gained more but started eating ~1000 calories a day has stemmed gain but have not lost an ounce in 3 months), lethargic, depressed (probably due to weight gain , excessive sweating, dry skin/hair.

Doc also did a test that showed my SHBG level is 170, which is way high at 43 years old. Looked that up and said could be attributable to anorexia, which I assure all I am NOT!! Love food would love to be able to eat more of it without gaining weight.

And last piece of puzzle - I do have a tumor in my pituitary glad but it is being treated with meds and prolactin levels only slightly elevated 56.

Can anyone help?
GreenTMach responded:
I can tell you that I have been having some symptoms like the ones that you describe and I am in 20s. Most doctors that I have talked to(including endos) have refused to look at a free t3/t4 level or even reverse t3 at all. They only look at tsh. Was it hard for you to find a doctor that was looking at reverse t3 or t3 and t4 levels? I need to find one and fast...
tdull responded:
check your blood not bones calcium levells.
srayko responded:
Wondering if you ever figured this out. I have the same problem. Thanks!!

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