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GreenTMach posted:
I have been having some strange things happening to my health as of lately. I am a male in my mid twenties and for the past two years have had problems with energy, very dry skin on my face and under my armpits, diffuse hair loss(not pattern baldness according to two dermatologists) and severe dermatitis, and more recently what I believe is mild impotency. I have a family history of thyroid related disease so I thought going to my doctor would address the possibility. It did not. My doctor wouldn't test for the hashimoto's anti body(its cheap) despite my insistence. Nor would he test for free t3 and t4 (said he didnt believe in it). I went to another doctor and they said something similar although they did find that my vit D(has a correlation to general health including thyroid function) was a 10 The safe level is 30 parts to 110 parts. So I was started on heavy vitamins but still no change.

Does anyone know how to look up doctors that will test for hashimoto's or free t3? Please help this is seriously getting bad.

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