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Taking Synthroid -
MaHenHere posted:
I usually don't take with food and I take mine first thing in the morning with my coffee & then wait at least 30 mins for bkfst. Consistency is key is what I've been told.
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Noni9 responded:
I was told by my doctor that it's very important to take the medication with water on an empty stomach, and then wait 20 minutes before eating anything...including coffee. My daughter who is also a pharmacist confirmed this. This is a hard thing for me to do as I have been a "coffee first thing in the morning", all my life. But to get the full benefits of the meds...I do what I'm told. Hope this helps.
EMC26155 replied to Noni9's response:
Truth is that you shouldn't eat after one hour post pill. My mother in law's dr and my dr agree because some peole have a very slow digestive system. That is one of the reasons why they put you on a Hypothyroid medication. I do it and I stay at a good weight , of course I have to eat like a vegitarian to keep my weight below 165 as suggested my my Edocrinologyst (I'm 5ft. 8in.).

Your petuitary gland is responsible for the whole body's metabolism.
Torresa replied to EMC26155's response:
The Pituitary gland is not the only gland responsible for the bodies metabolism.
beanie_gene responded:
That is how my pamphlet says to take the medication too. Full glass of water, empty stomach (or 2 hours after eating). Wait to eat at least 30 minutes to a half hour. Take the same time every day.

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