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Recurrent BC-This Time Triple Negative :(
gimlet66 posted:
Hello - This is my first post here. My mom has been diagnosed with recurrent, BC. Her first bout with BC was in 2004 (ER- PR- HER2+). She had a mastectomy (left side), chemotherapy and radiation. This time it is triple negative. It has been found under her left armpit with lymph node involvement, as well as lymph node involvement in the collarbone area, therefore it's being referred to as N3 disease. Biopsies were performed in the aforementioned areas to confirm. The PET scan also revealed a spot on the lung. The lung has not been biopsied as of yet. It appears to be Stage IV, but they cannot confirm with the lung biopsy. We are told that the cancer is at the "boundary" of what is "surgically resectable" so therefore, chemotherapy is the only recommended treatment. Does this mean that it's "inoperable"? Why wouldn't surgery be performed to take out the affected lymph nodes and tissue? One oncologist recommends a biopsy of the lung BEFORE chemo begins. The other oncologist suggests we start chemo and see how the lung responds. We are weighing the options, but not sure we understand all the factors. We also understand the urgency of getting the chemo started. My mom is 76, scared and confused. I'm trying to sort it out for her. Any input from this community would be so very appreciated. Should she wait to biopsy the lung? Would surgery be better? Is surgery completely out of the question and why? Again, thank you.
Kitsgirl responded:
Hi gimlet, so sorry about your mom. Ihad been diagnosed this year at 65 with triple neg bc. Chemo first before surgery was recco because of trip neg is so sensitive. After dose dense chemo trot every two weeks first with taxol 4 cycles and then 4 cycles with ac. Even b4 surgery was declared cancer free and then verified by the surgeon after the op but am still going thru radiation. Chemo is the way to go b4 surgery in my experience. P.s. The tumor "melted" within the first three doses, it was hard for me to find. My prayers with you. My daughter put her life on hold for six mos to help me thru the chemo. Love Kitsgirl
debbietate replied to Kitsgirl's response:
I am going thru the same thing, I am 56 and have TN breast cancer. They have also found a nodule on my lung, same side as the cancer, and I am waiting to hear if I will have a lung biopsy to see if it is cancer. I had a pet scan and it did light up but not as much as it should have, but it still may be cancer says the oncologist. I am very worried about it as well. I am Stage I, early Stage two because the lump on my breast was 2.1cm. But if it is in my lungs that would change. I am scheduled to go thru chemo this week or next depending on the status of the biop. The lung nodule is so deep in my chest wall that two docs have already passed on it. I live near houston so they are having a surgeon from MD Anderson look at it and see if he wants to tackle it. I am hoping he will just so I can know one way or another. I really need to get started with the chemo too. I will keep you posted as whether I get the bbiopsy. I do know that whether it is cancer or not I will start the chemo as they said it would shrink it and then it may be removed after that. Hope this helps some.

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