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I just had my surgery for TNBC.....
ShelleyTNBC posted:
I wish I had read this first. I was diagnosed in July 2012 I had 4 months of chemo (Red Devil), lost all of my hair, felt like there are worse things than death. I finally had surgery to remove the tumor and one lymph node on December 11th. The good news is that I had less than one millimeter of cancer and nothing in my lymph node (my tumor was golf ball size and growing rapidly). Now all I can think of is that TNBC can re-occur. I just wish I had known that there were other ways to treat this. How do I get past the stress of the fear of it reoccurring? I'm still raw, can remember every horrible moment at this point. I'm sorry if I'm too vocal. I just believe in telling the truth.

An_249812 responded:
I was diagnosed TNBC December 2009 and am now a 3 year survivor. I had a lot of lymph nodes removed and have lymphodemia in my left arm as a result. BUT it had not spread. My best friend was diagnosed with TNBC a year after I was and she did not make it. I also find that I am very frightened of it returning, I do not feel I could go through that chemo and radiation again. So I made major changes in my life, I relax more and try to live in the moment, I am okay right now, lets enjoy right now. Tomorrow is another day. My reason for looking here was exactly this reason, why did I survive?? I mean I am thrilled and at the same time scared.
Keep up the good fight
serenity41960 responded:
I am having chemo. today. My cancer also is TNBC. Started 4 months of Adriamiacin/Cytoxin at 3 week intervals. Then began 12 weeks of Taxol which I am half way through. My surgery will be in March. My biggest fear is will it come back. Also I wont know if the chemo got it until my surgery. I don't know anything to say except try to concentrate on today and expect good news. Because it really is out of our control.

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