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Breast Cancer
An_249585 posted:
My sister has breast cancer and has refused to go to the doctor. As of right now, her breast is completely gone. This has been going on for 5 years. Noticed yesterday that she has lost weight (not dieting) and was sick in bed for 5 days throwing up. Her skin looks washed out and now I am getting nervous that the cancer has metasisized. What can I expect next?
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ShelleyTNBC responded:
This is not good. I'm sorry but she needs help immediately. My fear is it's too late. Please do what you can to get her some help. Some people just refuse. My sister in law's mother ignored her for years and the cancer ate away at her breast and there was nothing left. By the time they tried to do something she went through hell but it was too late. Remember this was her choice and personally after just finishing Chemo, surgery and now radiation I thought alot like your sister. She may have wanted to live her life just as she is. I know I'm not much help but I've been on the other side and it's painful....and miserable. Part of me understands her decision. At least try to get her help, if anything, they can make her comfortable. I'm so very sorry.

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