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has2005 posted:
Do any of you use Kaiser for IF? I guess this question is more for people living in Northern California. I know insurance varies widely, and some people have great coverage and others do not. We will actually have (what I believe) excellent IF coverage. But I'm interested to get people's opinions on them. To be honest I've heard more negative then positive. Which makes me a little apprehensive. I mean we are switching no matter what, but, you know. Thanks ladies. Ok, it's time for bed. Heather
PGinSJ responded:
I go to Kaiser Santa Clara REI dept and our "mid level" HMO coverage is phenomenal and has covered everything so far. I pretty much pay only a $5 copay for each office visit, med or diagnostic. Everything related to IUI is free and unlimited. Of course there is no IVF coverage if we have to move to that. I haven't heard of anyone having IVF insurance coverage out here in Nor Cal. But speak up if you are out there ladies??? : )

I am not very impressed with the level of service they give though. I've had to keep on top of them about a number of things and if I wouldn't have brought them up they would have missed an important (although of course not life threatening) aspect of my care. If that makes any sense. I like the NPREs but the REs just talk without listening and seem to have a standard protocol that they think fits for everyone. HTHs.
has2005 responded:
I think we will have the same kind of coverage. Everything is covered (lab work, ultra sounds, x ray (like the HSG), in patient/out patient surgery and IUI. Thanks for the heads up though about the service. I had Kaiser the whole time I was growing up, and while I have never had a problem with them, I do remember my mom always complaining about their service. That is would take forever to diagnose but once they figured it out, she said they ran with it. I won't be going to Santa Clara, I will be going to Walnut Creek. Well Walnut Creek when it comes to the RE, but I'll be out in Kaiser Deer Valley in Antioch. Thanks Christy!
krazykitty143 responded:
I have kaiser,through Dhs work, and it doesnt cover and IF. I am a fan of kaiser tho, I was a member of john muir before, and the Drs cant really communicate with eachother like the kaiser Drs do. I will also be going to the Walnut creek location, although its 40 mins away, becuase I know one of the neonatals their.
has2005 responded:
Yeah depending on traffic I could see it taking me at least 30 minutes. Blah. Maybe one day we'll "see" each other there. I really am anxious to just get all this stuff started. I a tad annoyed that I will have to be seen by an obgyn before actually being refered to the IF clinic. It's like, hello! I'm coming from one already, do I really need to waste my time and yours? I guess so.

Heather (27) dh (28) married 10/05 ds (23 months) TTC #2 since 5/08, b/w normal, un explained IF?
JennaG1983 responded:
I have it too. Mine covers everything too except IVF. Even though I really like my RE, I didn't get a choice. They actually seem really on top of everything. I like that the office utilizes email. They are very fast at getting back to me. Plus, I don't have to worry about co-workers hearing all of the gushy details from a phone converstation.
jazelle8 replied to JennaG1983's response:
DO NOT GO HERE! The nurses are rude. Their appointments are jam packed and they will constantly change and reschedule and push back your appointments, even when you've made them well in advance.
The patient exam rooms are a mess. The garbage is always overflowed with the tissue paper. Once you're in the exam room, you could wait a good 45 minutes for the nurse to show up and examine you.
The Dr that I had was so pessimistic and only offered bad news and was not in my opinion, knowledgeable.
Finally, we managed to get pregnant on our own, despite the Dr's crushing predictions.
I was on clomid 150mg for 2 cycles.
Once I stopped the clomid, my body had already reset because of the clomid. I was able to get pregnant. We did our own research. My husband went on FertilAid vitamins. We were able to get pregnant, without medication, IUI. or IVF.

They are so busy here. They just want to take your money.
We went there obviously because we had no choice, due to money issues and having Kaiser as our HMO through work.

I highly recommend if you have the money to go elsewhere.

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