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What Would Make It Better?
Emma_WebMD_Staff posted:
Hi members!

I'll start by saying that I know everyone would like the old boards back, but they are no longer available. And honestly, they were not working well anymore, which was why we needed to implement something new.

We want to make the reading and interacting on the new forums less confusing, and in order to do that we need you to tell us exactly what you find the hardest to do. Give us as many concrete details as you can.

  • Is it hard to read because your board/conversations move too fast?
  • Is it because the What's Happening Now feed only shows what's new?
  • Is it because you can only see 15 posts at a time on the What's Happening Now page?
  • Is the page too cluttered?

Tell us exactly what makes it hard or confusing and how you'd like it to behave.

We will pass all of your comments and suggestions along to our engineering and management teams and keep you informed about what changes are coming.

Take care,
beccadita80 responded:
My main complaints are that we don't have signatures that show up when we post. Those were sooooo helpful! Every other website I go to where you can share TTC with others they all have awesome signatures with colors and different fonts you can use. I just need something basic please. Also there isn't a spell check for posts anymore. You guys added bold and underline and score through but no spell check?!?!?
hppyTurtle responded:
Yes! Fix stuff!
  • There needs to be a more obvious way to get from the WebMD homepage to the exchanges I am a member of. I don't think I'm the only one who won't bookmark each exchange in my browser, so I have to search for an exchange every time I log in. Maybe list them under 'my account.'
  • The page is too crowded. In my opinion, nothing in the right column needs to be there.
  • Popular discussions is useless and confusing. It would maybe be appropriate if it showed only popular discussions in the last, say, 48-72 hours.
  • I think it would actually help me if the background of the center column (the posts) were a different color.
  • Also, if every other thread were a different shade in the main 'what's happening now' page. As it is, there is no delineation between threads and that makes it harder to read. (Like a teacher's class list, how every other line is darker.)
  • The signature was very helpful in the old format, and the 'member stories' here don't make up for it being gone.
  • In the old format, it was VERY helpful for me to have the profile page where I could see in one place all of the discussions I was a part of, regardless of what board they were from. I know that I can add threads to 'watch this discussion' but I feel like that just crowds this page more.
Please keep us posted!
hppyTurtle replied to beccadita80's response:
If you've spelled a word wrong, it underlines just like in Microsoft Word, and you can right-click on it and choose the correct spelling :) That doesn't cover grammar or homonyms, though (your, you're; there, they're, their; etc.).
hppyTurtle responded:
Also, can we add back in where we could just click on a smiley face? That'd be awesome.
RunJessicaRun responded:
My number one request would be to show which posts we've read and haven't read.

That is the highest priority. Other than that I've gotten used to the layout.
hppyTurtle replied to RunJessicaRun's response:
I agree with this... Marking posts 'read' would be SUPER helpful!
hopefulk77 replied to RunJessicaRun's response:
yes - i'd like some kind of new indicator on the posts so I know what has new posts on it so I can read them.

I second the emoticons coming back.

I'd also like something done about the popular discussions (see my previous posts). I don't think they are suitable for an IF/TTC board, we either see happy or sad trigs posts there and both can be hard to take. If one of those "popular" posts were my sad trigs I think I would have left the board.
Emma_WebMD_Staff replied to hopefulk77's response:
Thanks Ladies, I've copied these and sent them up.

Take care,
MeganAF82 replied to Emma_WebMD_Staff's response:
I know I am late in replying to this, but I agree with all of the above suggestions and have one of my own.

I think that in the main section ('what's happening now'), where it has the title/link to a particular discussion, it should show the name of the original poster, and not just the most recent replier, if that makes sense. Also, I think it's unnecessary to have it titled 're: blah blah blah'; it should retain the title given by the original poster.
cms51684 replied to hppyTurtle's response:
I don't have any new suggestions to add but I agree with the signatures, clicking on the emoticons, and being able to see which posts you've already read.
Emma_WebMD_Staff replied to cms51684's response:
Thanks again Ladies for adding in on the thread. We are making sure you are heard.

Take care,
mosleyd36 replied to MeganAF82's response:
I'm late too but I totally agree with this, Megan. I don't like that they have the most recent posting showing. I would like to see the original post and the original poster.

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