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    cacahead27 posted:
    So, I POAS yesterday and got what I thought was a super faint positive. Stupid e.p.t. I quickly turned to you guys and got the advise to wait until today, closer to my second beta, to test again.

    I didn't listen. I couldn't help myself.

    I made DH go and buy more HPTs for me. I POAS two more times and they were both positive. I got my BFP!!! (x3) One was the basic FER test and the other was digital. I got two lines and a very clear YES+. Needless to say, I freaked out. I opened the bathroom door and screamed to my DH, "It f*ing says Yes!!!" Then I cried and hyperventilated. I never thought I would get a BFP. Never. We were in shock for quite some time last night. And still are.

    When I woke up today I POAS again, you can never be too sure, and it was a YES+ again. I'm KU. I go in for my second beta tomorrow. Getting the numbers from the two beta tests will put my mind at ease. Somewhat. I'm definitely worried now about making it a whole H&H 9months. I just read about chemical pregnancies and that has me a little freaked out.

    Thank you to all the support I've found on this board that has helped me be strong enough to get to this point. While it sucks to have gone through what I've gone through, I'm happy I can use my experiences to help you guys out as well. I don't plan on leaving this board until I feel safe. I hope that's okay with you ladies. And I will continue to show my support as best I can. When I talk about you ladies to my DH I refer to you as: my friends on my message board.

    I'll update tomorrow regarding my beta numbers.
    booklvr04 responded:
    OMGosh!!!! Congratulations!!! This is sooooo exciting! I am just thrilled for you and DH!!! This has just been the best day!!! I will continue to pray for you and your little one and please update on your next beta! Congrats again mama!!!!
    hmknight responded:
    WOW Congratulations!!! That is so AWESOME :grin:

    I am sooooo Happy for you. Hope you have a HAPPY & HEALTHY 9 Months to you!!!

    I really hope that your BFP is a start to a lot on this board. I really hope to be joining you soon. Make sure and post your beta's tomorrow.

    phoenixfire76 responded:

    I've been praying for you all week. I was checking everyday for up dates and everything. lol I'm so happy for you! Wish you the very best happy and healthy 9 months! Can't wait to see your beta numbers.

    Best of Luck.
    hppyTurtle responded:
    Yay! Congratulations! Stay as long as you like and keep us posted :grin: I'm also hoping you're starting a trend!

    H&H 9 months, Momma!
    SaraBella85 responded:
    Yay! Congrats! I'm so glad the FET worked!!! Let us know your betas. H&H 9 months!
    cms51684 responded:
    Congratulations!! That's such great news!

    I can't wait to hear your 2nd beta, but here's hoping for a H&H 9 months! Just know, your worrying is only starting - you'll worry about your little bean for his or her entire life! :smile:
    prov_31wife responded:
    YAY! H&H 9 months...

    Relax and enjoy yourself - YOU DESERVE IT!
    beccadita80 responded:
    OMG!!! That is sooooo awesome!!!! Congrats lady!!! Can't wait to see you over on PAIF board, looks like the train is rollin!!!
    Kofie responded:
    Congrats! Here is to a H&H 9 months!
    hopefulk77 responded:
    wooohoo! Thats fantastic news!!!!

    I am so happy for you and wish you a happy and healthy 9 months :) Lets hope this is the start of a new train!!

    kitvond responded:
    CONGRATULATIONS!! That is so awesome :) I got a little teary! H & H 9 months to you!!!!!
    xzsublime84zx responded:
    yay! im not gonna lie i cracked up when i read your response!! thats right up the alley of how i would react if i actually had a postsive LOL!! im still laughing. oh man. anyway congrats:)

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