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Incredibly shocked (Triggers)
has2005 posted:
Wow! Seriously that was all I could say this weekend.
As many of you know (or don't know), DH and I have been TTC #2 since May 2008. Our old insurance was pretty picky about what they would pay for regarding IF and it turned into one of those situations where "it's all about the money". In January we switched to Kaiser and from that point on, my doctor has been extremely helpful. We got right into testing. Everything was coming back normal so they I started thinking "well if medically everything's fine, then why am I still not getting pregnant". I struggled big time with this (as I know all of you have been). All my friends were getting pregnant, and I was left there alone, with people telling me "your the next one, I KNOW". Well I wasn't, for a long time.
We started our first medicated cycle on March 16, with 100 mg Clomid cycle day 3-7. A Trigger shot on March 24 with an IUI on March 26. I was told to go in on April 9th for a beta and progesterone.
I guess long story short, my AF was late (but only by 1 day), so I went in and did the blood test. I POAS on Saturday (which I told myself NOT to do, I just wanted to wait and see what my results were from the test), it was POSITIVE!!!! Holy crap!! And of course i didn't believe it. And then I told myself to wait until Monday before repeating a HPT becuase by then my period should start. It hasn't!! First beta was 127 with progesterone 30.8. I have no idea t any of those numbers means, but they're positive! EDD 12/17/10
I just wanted to thank all of you. I dont' know how much advice I have given to you all, but you have given me countless amounts. Every time something was "wrong" wether that be physically, emotionally or mentally, I'd always think I need to get on the board and just vent. Someone will now what it's like. For that I can not thank you guys enough.
I'm not sure what board to go to now. I feel like I more belong here, but it's not my place anymore.
Thank you ladies, and I'll keep my eyes open to see when the rest of you join me (even though I have no idea what board that will even be).

Thank you
Kofie responded:

Here is to a H&H 9 months!!!!
hppyTurtle responded:
Congratulations, girl! H&H 9 months!!!

Oh, and stick around as long as you'd like The PAIF board can wait 'til you're ready!
LookingForTheRainbow responded:
Congrats! H&H 9 months, enjoy every second of it.
booklvr04 replied to LookingForTheRainbow's response:

OMG Heather!!! Congratulations!!! I am so excited for you! Your first beta number and progesterone draw are excellent numbers!!! Hope to see you on the PAIF board soon! Congratulations again!! Thoughts and prayers...

hmknight responded:
Wow Heather that is so exciting!! I am so happy for you. I really hope you have a very happy and healty pregnancy

Please come back and say Hi every now and then.

prov_31wife responded:
I'm so happy for you, I just cried - which I'm sure it's because of the clomid! BUT OMGee!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!

H&H 9 months, for realz.
ninjarbaby responded:
oh wow Congrats! I'm so happy for you!
PGinSJ replied to ninjarbaby's response:
Oh Heather that's AWESOME! I am so happy for you and DH!

We would love to have you on the PAIF board and I am sure you will recognize a lot of the women there. We had a migration of several of us TTC 12 ers around the holidays if you remember.

And ditto, those #s are GREAT!
kitvond responded:
That's amazing Heather! Congratulations!!!
hopefulk77 responded:
Heather - thats fabulous news - I am so happy for you

Congratulations and a H&H 9 months

baby1298 responded:
YAY!!!!! CONGRATS!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!!! .

I say go to the PAIF board! you deserve it!!
cms51684 responded:
I'm a little late to this party but I just wanted to throw in my congrats!

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