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HSG update
brookelovettc posted:
Had the HSG this morning. For me, it was pretty uncomfortable and painful (worse than my worst period cramps). I did have a lot of strong cramps when he put the dye in. Dr had a hard time because my uterus is tilted backward and so he was having difficulty getting to the uterus and putting the clamp on the cervix (ouch) etc.

Have had some very mild short cramps since but that's about it. I was really light headed and shaking after so they had me sit there for a little while, also to let some extra dye come out.

They did say that the tubes looked clear and there didn't seem to be anything else bad going on. They want to to an u/s next.
On to the next!

How is everyone else??
hmknight responded:
That is great news :smile: I am sorry it was painful for you :frown: I wish you the best this cycle and hope that you get prego now. I know that some women get prego the cycle after there HSG cause it cleans everything out.

AFM - I am still waiting to O though maybe I did yesturday but today was a huge temp. drop. I still may not O like the nurse said but we will see. The last day that we could DTD was sat since DH's SA is tomorrow. I am crossing my fingers that it is better. DH is starting a diet and working out this week. He has been tons better about taking his vitamins. Hoping that all of this pays off. Now I am just trying to figure out what is going on with me. Hoping AF comes on here own on schedule if she is going to come. So I can get my HSG scheduled then on to 100mg Clomid. Then hopefully a BFP :grin:

2yrsNcounting responded:
That's Great news!! :smilie: I'm sorry that your HSG was so hard... Just some words of hope... My friend's uterus s tilted backwards too, and she has a beautiful 5 mo old boy... :wink:

AFM I am just waiting for AF to show so we can restart our IUI process... Unless there is a miracle pg... DH is still hoping for that! :confused:

Good luck!
brookelovettc responded:
Thank you girls! Yesterday was rough. I felt ok for most of the day except a really bad headache and super tired (from the Clomid? I am taking it before bed). And in the evening I started having abdominal pain, mostly on my right side where my right ovary is. During the HSG he thought the dye wasn't going through the right side at first, he had me roll to the right and then roll to the left and then after a few minutes he said he could see the dye. I wonder if that means it was blocked and it was cleared? He didn't say that but I wonder because of the pain I had last night. It was pretty strong pain, but not severe pain. It feels sore this morning, on the right side.

Thanks for listening ladies! I'm glad I have you here for your opnions.

Heather, I hope for good results with your DH SA! And it's good that he's trying to change some things, I'm sure that will help a ton! I hate waiting for AF.

And 2yrs, good luck for your IUI! Have you had IUI before? We are looking at doing that as well.
2yrsNcounting replied to brookelovettc's response:
I haven't had an IUI yet... We were going to this cycle, but I Od before I was supposed to... We didn't have a chance to trigger or do the procedure :frown: DH and I haad a last chance BD that night, but I'm not really hopeful... But I have my fingers crossed for the next time... Also DH is rather upset, and wants to "have a talk" with my RE... We are just frustrated all the way around!

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