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if my body wont behave, then I'll become a mother a diffrent way *trigs-child abuse/death mentoned*
fiannakyn posted:
after 10 years of off and on again trying for our own, We're not exactly throwing in the towel, but we wont be pursuring medical help much futher.

instead... Today, we submitted to a background check and should be reciving information about becoming foster/adoptive parents through our County foster system.
We live in Greene County Missouri, where in 2008, a foster father beat his 6 year old foster son to death. So now the process has a lot of extra red tape: we have to submitt to 2 background checks and a full mental health evaluation. As well as the regular home study, classes, etc.
Random trivia I didnt know: I have to show proof that the cats are up to date on vet check ups and shots. i can understand why for it, 1- rabies and 2- shows we are responsable parents even to pets.
Vicky +Dh(33) TTC1 10 years. PCOS w/IR. MetXR 1500mg,DCI1200mg, currrent cycle cd1- 10/7.
kitvond responded:
That's awesome, Vicky! Congrats on taking this huge step!! I hope your foster/adopt journey goes a lot smoother and faster than your TTC journey has. Please keep us posted on your progress!!!

All the best! :)
Kit (30) and DH (31) TTC since 3/08. IF due to stage II endo, treated 12/09. 1st BFP
Kofie responded:
Congrats Vicky! That is awesome. I hope this is a smooth and easy process for you!

TRIGS: Something similiar happened here in Cincinnati, a couple was fostering an autistic boy. They claimed that someone had kidnapped him from the park...this went on and the foster mother made this huge news press confrence begging whoever had taken him to return him. But there were no witnesses seeing them at the park that day and the police began to investigate and found that they had wrapped him in a blanket and taped it up and stuck him in the closet while they attended a family reunion in Kentucky. When they came home he had died and they burned his remains.
Tonya(26) DH-Patrick(34) TTC1 since 8/2005, I have been diagnosed with PCOS. I take Metformin 3x a day. DH has a normal count but not enough of the normal guys. Praying for a miracle!
fiannakyn replied to Kofie's response:
Grrrr I just want to find the parents (or foster parents, aunts, uncles, etc) that do that and skin them alive. then roll them in honey and put them in a vat of fire ants...

maybe I've been watching too many horror movies...
Vicky Dh(33) TTC1 10 years. PCOS w/IR. MetXR 1500mg,DCI1200mg, currrent cycle cd1- 10/7.
fiannakyn responded:
for anyone curious-
we (of course) passed the initial background check and recived the info packet yesterday! Now we just need to get the house ready for the process! we have till Jan 10th to have it done.
Vicky Dh(33) TTC1 10 years. PCOS w/IR. MetXR 1500mg,DCI1200mg, currrent cycle cd1- 10/7.
Byroney_WebMD_Staff replied to fiannakyn's response:

Congratulations on passing the first step! It sounds like you're well on your way.

Imagine, you could be a foster parent in the New Year!

Excited for you,


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