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Byroney_WebMD_Staff posted:

How are you ladies doing this week?

Was it a good week in the TTCverse this week? How about outside the TTCverse? Has November started smoothly, or are we having some bumps?


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jlhill88 responded:
I have to say I voted that the Rangers should have won...well played better and won. I am a Texas girl and the Rangers were all the good we had going for us because the Cowboys don't have anything going for them.

Nothing really going on with TTC. I ovulated over the weekend while DH was home so we DTD even though the chance of his handful of swimmers actually making it to where they are supposed to were very slim. I am going to call another RE in Houston this week and see if we can't get in for a consultation at the end of this month.

Aside from TTC, I have been very busy at work. Overtime as become pretty common-good for the bank but bad when its on Saturdays when DH is in town. :-( I hope this next bit doesn't upset anyone but deer season is opening this weekend and I am so excited. Hunting is a big part of our lives. The weather is going to be great! I can't wait.

Hope everyone has a great week.

DH(24) Me(22) TTC 1 Since April 09 (Offically TTC June 09). DX extreme male infertility. OPK's and Temping. IVF/ICSI consultation scheduled December 6,2010.
brookelovettc replied to jlhill88's response:
TTC -- I recently found out I have endometriomas (2 inches on each ovary) and poss endometriosis, and DOR... and I've been trying to deal with all that news. Next is IVF coming up soon and I'm all kinds of worried about that. At this point I feel like there's no chance at all, but we have to give it one good try. I'm on cd14 and my bbs started hurting on cd12, which means I had a good 10 days or so w/out bb pain... But no cramps yet so that's good.

Non-TTC -- All the stress is taking a toll on my body, so this week starting Nov 1st (which happened to be a monday, which always makes for good starts) I'm going to focus on staying relaxed, meditate more, do light exersices daily, and just breathe. Any tips for de-stressing would be wonderful.

I hope everyone else is doing okay - I miss hearing from everyone! The board is too quiet.

Jennifer - I love Texas! I have lots of friends/family there. :)
Me(29) DH(28) TTC since 2008. No prev PG. Started seeing RE May 2010 and IF testing. DH=MFIF. Me=Retroverted uterus and low AMH. 3C w/Clomid=BFN. IVF/ICSI in Feb 2011. FX
BethAnn88 responded:
I had to vote that another team should have won. Still bummed that my Reds didn't make it further!

TTC: AF showed over the weekend, so I gave in and made an appointment with the doc. I go next week to talk to her about what steps she thinks we should take next. Kind of excited about it. We're getting close to the 2yr mark with TTC, so I'm finally ready to try something else.
Me(29) DH(30) TTC since 1/09. BFP 3/09 but m/c 5/09 at 10wks
CaliGirlTTC responded:
I think the Giants deserved to win. They have waited 56 years to win again....and it was nice to watch it! I don't really follow baseball all that much, but I was glad to see SF win (I am from northern CA)

As far as TTC I am 10DPO and hoping that this is our cycle. This was our first cycle with the CBEFM and I absolutely love it! It helped pinpoint my O date. And we had great timeing with BDing. So my fingers are crossed! Will someone please check out my FF chart and tell me what you think? I would very much appreciate it!

As far as non-TTC goes.....still overwhelmed with school and work. But trying to keep my stress level at a minimum. So far it is good. This weekend my cousin from UT is coming to visit. I haven't seen her in like 18 I am SUPER excited!

I miss all you ladies on here. I hope that we can get this board going again. I know it helps me through each cycle!
Jackienalen responded:
I voted another team should have won... I'm a HUGE TB Rays fan... But I do have to say this...I'm SO thankful that Texas stomped NY and the Yankees didn't get in to the WS this year! Good going boys!

All's fair in love and baseball! :)

In TTC news... I've FINALLY gotten a positive on the OPK this month after 3 months of nothing. We BD and I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed hoping that we're successful this time. If I get a BFN than we're off to get more testing.

I'm sending positive thoughts to all of you ladies!
:) Jackie (30)TTC 1 since 06/08 - possible PCOS

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