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Wishing you all luck this Holiday Season!
Jackienalen posted:
Now seems to start the time when we all have to deal with "those comments" more frequently... you know, the ones... the family and friends who like to tell you how they're looking forward to buying baby toys and things next holiday... and how they know "this year's going to be the year you get pregnant!"

I wish you luck! I pray for patience and understanding for you all... it's not their fault that they're complete idiots some times, and don't see their about to stick their foot right in their mouth when they speak.

I was reminded this weekend of that exact thing, and had to do my best not to ruin someone's "special day" because they decided that our family dinner was the appropriate place to bring up my fertility issues.

May you all be blessed this holiday season, and my this in fact finally be the year for all of us!

<3 Baby Dust to you all!
:) Jackie (30)TTC 1 since 06/08 - possible PCOS & other Medical Issues - DH (33) no testing for him yet

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fiannakyn responded:
normaly I can manage to get thuogh the holidays cause on my side, its all about my sister's kids, so I and my husband are pretty much ignored. on DH's side, up till now, it wasnt an issue cause there were no children involved. Unfortunatly this year and forward I will resent and dread going to either side's holiday celebration cause DH's younger sister (as in 10 years younger) is pregnant with her first, after going off BCP for 2 months. She'll know what they are having this week. So thats all I'll hear about at MIL's house thursday, then we get to go to my sister's for "thanksgiving desserts" and a birthday party for the youngest nephew.

By Christmas I should have some sort of gameplan though. On Dec 10th, we have an appointment to talk to a Social Worker about foster to adopt, and by christmas we should know if we are accepted into the program. By Next christmas we should have a child in the house (even if its temp care).
Vicky Dh(33) TTC1 10 years. PCOS w/IR. Clomid 100mg, MetXR 1500mg,DCI1200mg, currrent cycle cd1- 11/8.
momofone08 responded:
I am one of the lucky women who already has one BEAUTIFUL blessing with me, but it is still very hurtful to go through infertility issues.

It's SOOOO hard when my little one asks me when she can have a brother or sister because all of her friends have one.

And also, the holiday talks are always wonderful (sarcasm). EVERY time the Family gets together I get asked " are you guys STILL trying?" GRR JUST BECAUSE i'M NOT PREGNANT YET DOES NOT MEAN I'M NOT TRYING! And My hubby's cousina nd sis are pregnant and my best friend is and not to mention the 5 women at work.

If it wasn't for the beautiful gift God gave me 2 1/2 yrs. ago I don't know how I would feel. She makes everything so much better.
DH and I married June 18th 2008~~ DD 9/16/08 7lbs 2oz. 18 in.~~2 Angel Babies 6/21/07 and 4/3/10~~ TTC 2 since June 2009~~ Diagnosed with PCOS 5/1/10
MMK82 replied to momofone08's response:
Thankfully, the holidays aren't really any more stressful for us than any other time of the year...that's because we live very far away from our families! ;) And since a total of half of our 4 year marriage has been spent apart due to military obligations and deployments, we always use that as an 'excuse' when anyone asks us when we're going to have kids. We just tell them that we are happy enjoying our time together, and we'll have children when we're meant to have children (which isn't a complete lie). That usually pacifies them!
Megan (28), DH (25). TTC since 09/2008 with a yearlong break due to deployment. M/C @ 10wks, 06/2009.
hopefulk77 responded:
We live far from both sides of the family so that helps a bit... Since we've been married so long my mum had stopped asking when she was getting grandchildren a few years ago.

Both familys know of our miscarriage and although I have been asked a few times if we are trying again, I have been able to handle the questions.

The hard part is DH's sister had a baby 5 months after our due date, she let us know right after our m/c that she was 4 wks pregnant, after telling us we should have waited till 12 weeks to tell family, and seeing the new baby photos is always hard.

This year at least we will have our RE appt and we will hopefully have some answers or a plan in place :)
K (32), DH (34), TTC 1 Since Oct 08, M/C Jun09 (10wks)

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