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TTC Graduates List
Byroney_WebMD_Staff posted:
Since June 2008, TTC 12 months and more Congratulates the following members for graduating into pregnancy:

1) Mrsvan2006 ~ Andrea
2) Babybaw4
3) M_Owen ~ Mandy
4) ssbean ~ Sherry
5) SaraAzriel ~ Katie
6) Hopefulhart
7) SoonerJess ~ Jessica
8 ) heinereus ~ Sarah
9) Sarah44053 ~ Sarah
10) Conway2005 ~ Anissa
11) lindseyHines92807 ~ Lindsey
12) Rebahoo ~ Rebekah (Last for 2008)
13) RosieL 16 ~ Rosie (First for 2009)
14) Jenn1984 ~ Jennifer
15) Bbfisher2 ~ Gretch
16) Richelle82 ~ Richelle
17) Scrapper1112 ~ Danielle
18) Stinaalicia ~ Christina
19) Quotin ~ Samantha
20) Magyarlany ~ Liz
21) Chicochick ~ Stacey
22) crzycatlady2 ~ Jes
23) kzim517 ~ Kari
24) ilovespeech ~ Katie
25) Belle76129 ~ Laura
26) AJ480 ~ Ashley
27) Tabss1 ~ Erin
28) Lisavegas08 ~ Lisa
29) LLnMS ~ Laura
31) AJHoward89 ~ Lex
32) Siepmanm1 ~ Margriet
33) Jbogue ~ Julie
34) Briarrose31 ~ Erin
35) Brunettebabii404 ~ Whitney
36) MrsNealsWheels ~ Kristin
37) PinkPanther444 ~ Stacy
38) Alohaaimee04 ~ Aimee ?(Baby due 07/23/2010 but passed at 6w4d)
39) Spellicy77 ~ Meghan
40) NervousBride ~ Jen
41) Taylove11 ~ Taryn
42) Ssebby ~ Sarah
43) Kc_jane ~ Casey
44) PGinSJ ~ Christy
45) KateIM ~ Kate
46) Bflkeeper ~ ?
47) JJMarie ~ Marie
48) Michigan29 ~ Amy
49) Booklvr04 ~ Emily (Last graduate of 2009)
50) Roomus ~ Alissa (First graduate of 2010)
51) Katymb~ Katy
[List not kept Feb.-Sept. 2010>
52) Bellisima09~ Jess
53) Hmknight~ Heather
54) Erin_Y~ Erin
55) Cacahead27~ Sarah
56) Creekat~ Kate(Last graduate of 2010)
57) Blondiebon18 ~ Bonnie(First graduate of 2011)
58) Phreakylibra ~ ?
59) Robynmarie1981 ~ ?
60) Fiannakyn ~ Vicky (Arriving Christmas 2011!)
61) Ninjarbaby ~ Jane
62) BethAnn88 ~ Beth Ann
63) Waiting for our next graduation announcement--hope it's you!

Please reply to this thread when you get your BFP so we can add you to the roster and all celebrate with you. It's way overdue for everyone here, so let's cheer on those triumphs!


Note: Please put "Trigs" or "Triggers" on the subject line for any post to announce a BFP--thanks!

MMK82 responded:
Hi Byroney!

In regards to #38, Alohaaimee (Aimee)--she is indeed pg and is right around 27w now, and is due sometime in mid-Feb
Megan (28), DH (25). TTC since 09/2008 with a yearlong break due to deployment. M/C @ 10wks, 06/2009.
Byroney_WebMD_Staff replied to MMK82's response:

That's such FABULOUS news! I am so excited for her. Next time you talk to her, give her my best.

I am convinced that each one of you will find your way through infertility.

Thank you for sharing. It really made my day.

mfregoso responded:
Hi Byroney,

I have not been on the boards since September-ish. I am so happy to see a few names I recognize on this list!!

Me(26), DH(31), 1 Furbaby(Rocky). TTC No. 1 since Feb.09. All tests are normal. TAB from the Clomid/IUI Train- 2 failed IUI's. Just started Acupuncture. Just diagnosed with PCOS.
hmknight responded:

Hi Byroney:)

You can add me to the list. I am due 4/17/2010. Hope this really helps some ladies out cause we all know what it is like to be in there shoes.
Heather 28 Rick 37 Married 7/19/08 TTC for 2yrs, M/C Feb.09 Seeing an RE for 7 months. July 5th Rd. Clomid 2nd @ 100mg CD3-7, HSG 6/21, Hysteroscopy 6/23, IUI 7/26
Byroney_WebMD_Staff replied to mfregoso's response:
Hey Michelle!

So good to see you (although you always look a bit like Rocky to me)! Hope you and the family are doing well, and that you can get your PCOS managed and join the BFP Train in 2011.

Byroney_WebMD_Staff replied to hmknight's response:
Heather, so glad to hear the news! Wow, you're over halfway there now. Wishing you a healthy and happy remainder of your pregnancy and thank you so much for sharing.

We need to get some serious movement on this BFP Train to make sure 2011 is all plus signs.

Kristy1019 replied to hmknight's response:
Heather! I hope my posting doesn't upset anyone, but I lurk time to time and your BFP is fabulous!! Congrats! H&H 9months, grow LO grow
Erin_Y replied to Kristy1019's response:
Hi Byroney!
You can add me (Erin_Y - Erin) to this list as well. I am due early February 2011. Somehow I was too superstitious to be added in the first weeks after my BFP, and then I simply forgot. I guess now, at 34 weeks, it's quite safe to be included

Happy New Year everybody and baby dust to all TTC!
Byroney_WebMD_Staff replied to Erin_Y's response:

I've got you up on the Graduates list now! I sure understand your wanting to wait, and I'm glad you shared the good news with us

Congratulations and I'm cheering you on to your February delivery. Best wishes to you,

cacahead27 responded:
I don't know if this is allowed to bother me, but I graduated from this board during the time when the list wasn't being kept and I want to be added to it if at all possible. I got me BFP in March of 2010 and just delivered healthy b/g twins in November. I figure every success story is one more ray of hope for all those still TTC. Thanks for sharing this info with all of us that are still TTC and those that have been blessed enough to have graduated. Baby dust to all.
Byroney_WebMD_Staff replied to cacahead27's response:
Sarah (cacahead27),

How wonderful to hear from you, and with such amazing news! Twins to boot! Hope your little laddie and lassie are healthy and happy.

Thank you for sharing your success story with us. I was away from this board for about half a year, but when I came back I picked up the Graduates List again.

If you happen to know anyone else who was missed while I was away, just have them post and I am happy to add them.

Best wishes,

michigan29 responded:
Hi Byroney,

I don't see myself on the list! Maybe I'm just missing it... I'm Amy (Michigan29) and I had a BFP November 2009; my daughter was born August 2010.

Byroney_WebMD_Staff replied to michigan29's response:
Eeeps! I'm so sorry, Amy. I am usually pretty good at keeping it up, and I sure apologize for missing you--especially since we spent quite a bit of time together in this community.

Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl! They're sincere, even if a bit belated. I'm so glad to hear of her safe birth.

I'm not going to vacuum 'til Sears makes one you can ride on.~ Roseanne Barr
Aweir89 replied to Byroney_WebMD_Staff's response:

I've been trying to conceive since October of 2009. I am very overweight but have recently lost about 40lbs. I've been getting cramps and some clear discharge so I'm hoping either my period is coming (which hasn't shown it's ugly head since April last year) or I'm pregnant!! =>

My grandmother never had a period and had two beautiful babies! So I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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