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j_heller_0723 posted:
Hi ladies!! My husband and I have been trying for a while and still nothing. We've been married for almost 4 yrs now but he was active duty till Oct of 09 since then we started trying, off and on coz sometimes I just feel like giving up, but just last december my I started getting treatments for accupunture and on going. and I have noticed some results, my menstrual cycle became regular and I noticed more mucus. But unfortunately still nothing I haven't seen a specialist for Infertility coz I'm scared to find out if there is something wrong with me and financially we can't afford to get one and I'm not sure what is the best insurance to cover my needs. Any suggestions? Thanks so much
Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Dear J_heller_0723,

Hello and welcome! I know that Megan (MMK82) has tried accupuncture, too, so you may want to talk to her.

I'd look through the available insurance options carefully and see what sort of infertility treatments they cover. Some don't cover anything. You may also want to check with local fertility specialists to see if they offer a payment plan or treatment package.

I'd encourage you to introduce yourself on the New Poll that's up so you can meet everyone else.

We're cheering you on,

j_heller_0723 replied to Byroney_WebMD_Staff's response:
thanks so much. I'm not sure how to look for the right insurance coz once I say for infertility they freak out and say they dont cover that, but all I want is for them to cover the tests that I need, is that considered infertility? Im not sure. My accupuncturist actually specialized in infertility, he had thousands of patients that got pregnant with the help of accupuncture.
FrenchBulldogMom replied to j_heller_0723's response:
I live in a state where insurance isn't required to cover infertility treatments.

I have Blue Cross Blue Shield and this is what mine has covered:

  • Reproductive Endocrinologist office visits
  • blood work (STDs, insulin, cholesterol, etc)
  • pre-cancer/wellness screenings including HSG test, ultrasounds, etc
  • surgery: D&C in the hospital (they paid 80%), removal of 4 uterine polyps
They do NOT cover:

  • Procedures to get you pregnant, i.e. IUI, IVF
  • Medications such as Femara,($649 but free with the coupon my doctor gave me, and Ovidrel $100 from an online reproductive pharmacy)

I'm waiting to get my cycle back after being on continuous BC for 2 months. Then we're going to use Femara and Ovidrel to induce ovulation and have an IUI. My insurance will pay for anything that can be considered wellness or pre-cancerous, but not fertility treatments. If you live in a state where the insurance companies are required to pay for fertility treatments, then many of your expenses may be covered so you should research this.
fiannakyn replied to FrenchBulldogMom's response:
I work in health insurance.

What you want to do it ask if testing and diagnosis of fertility issues is covered, or ask about extensive gynological issues coverage. Dont forget to ask about RX coverage and pregnancy coverage too. (incase it works!)

Even if they do not cover it, most Gyns can code your testing for gynological issues (like all mine said the u/s were for "irregular periods")

if you are still eligable for military insurance, I think it coveres IF testing and such, you just may have a limit on where you can be seen.

You can also start out with seeing a Gynologist who can do the basic tests like blood hormone levels, ultrasounds, and HSG tests, some even will do clomid rounds and IUIs
Vicky Dh(33) PCOS w/IR. Tried for 1 for 10 plus years. Starting Foster/adopt classes March 28th, 2011. for my TTC charts.
j_heller_0723 replied to FrenchBulldogMom's response:
Blue Cross Blue shield was the first insurance company that I called they said they dont cover that. Im self employed, they said they could be doing it for groups. But ill give them a call again.
j_heller_0723 replied to fiannakyn's response:
okay thanks ill gibe it a try and see what happens, thanks for the info. ill keep u posted.

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