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canwedothis posted:
I went today for my day 14 ultrasound to check follicle growth and I didn't have any that were considered mature so we can't even schedule IUI. The doctor wants me to move on to a round of injectables but my insurance doesn't cover the cost of the meds and there is no way we can afford it right now. At this point I feel like I have no choice but to give up. I'm doing acupuncture (for almost 2 months now) so hopefully that will help out, but I think as far as the doctor is concerned we're at a stand still. I'm so unbelievably upset!! I just feel like I keep running into the same wall and there is no way around it. Any advice would be appreciated.
Bamahome responded:
Hi there. I'm so sorry that this cycle was so disappointing. I have been TTC since 12/09, have been through lots of tests & 2 failed IUI's. I am assuming that you were on a high dosage of clomid since your doctor wants to move you to injectables. If not, up your dose or try a different type (there is another popular one besides clomid, can't think of it right now)All of this fertility stuff costs lots of money, even if you haven't done invasive stuff just yet. All the ovulation tests, doctor's co-pays, medications. It is just nuts. I might would sit down & map out a plan to save money to try the injectables in, say 3 months. In the meantime, you guys can still try on your own. Also, a lot of fertility clinics offer lost rate financing. I think the best thing to do is what your gut is telling you. I wish you the best!
Newlife27 replied to Bamahome's response:
hello im new i knw the cycle is arund the corner and its like i dont want to knw tht feeling.i just want the feeling of not knowing and beeng suprisred!!everytime tht time of the month roles around im like ahhh.not again im just waiting for tht break through.anytime u wanna chat just write me,its just nice to chat with others in the same boat as u.GOOD LUCK SOON!!
wildandwonderfulwv replied to Newlife27's response:
I am 35 yrs. old,and have a 13 yr. old daughter.,before my daughter wa sborn i had misscarried twins back in 95'.so having my daughter was a blessing and high risk pregnancy.I am now remarried and want to give my husband his own child/children and we have been trying for about a yr. now,with no avale,i am begginning to think something is wrong w/me or too old to conceive idk!,it is frustrating.,and like you every month i am hopeing mother nature does not visit and when she does it is heart husband dont think i ought to go and be checked out,he says everything is fine and i know he is trying to be op.but i am not getting any younger,so i dk really what i should do.a big part of me is just leaving this in Gods hands and trust he blesses me once again...was great to tlk to someone about this,please dont hessitate to reply thankyou-michele...

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