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Charting is driving me crazy!! :)
kristakirwin posted:
Hi Ladies!

I just needed to vent about my charting experience....I have been charting BBT, CM, and OPK for the past six month I threw up my hands and said enough, LOL...I am very, very regular...26 days, ovulate on day 12-14 every month...get positive on the OPK and my temp spikes and goes down when I get my period...we BD when we're supposed WHY isn't it happening??? We're in the 2WW now, so I'm in that obsessive mode right now, LOL...we're at the point if by the end of August I'm still BFN, I will go looking for medical intervention...I'm just wondering if anyone has had regular cycles without getting pregnant and what you've experienced....thanks for any feedback you can give me, I am tired of getting a jolt in my heart every time I see a pregnant woman.....
~Krista(33), DH(39), TTC since 9/2009

haelie responded:
Yes, I am having the same problem. Every Dr says everything is fine with me and my husband. I have regular periods and i chart. I've been trying for 2 yrs now and still nothing. 2 months ago i got really excited bc i was 4 days late but then i had a break down when i did start. I am very bitter toward every pregnant girl i see. I even judge them for being pregnant like why do they deserve that and i dont. I am on a emotional rollercoaster. and to add to it all 3 of my younger sisters are pregnant i really just want to give up. I dont know if this helps you at all but if you want to talk my email is
Anon_121810 replied to haelie's response:
I am the same way!! We have been trying for almost 2 years and the drs say nothing is wrong. I hate thinking bad of people that get pregnant but it does cross my mind why they get to and I dont. it is so frustrating........................
haelie replied to Anon_121810's response:
Yea it sucks. I know my husband is tired of me crying and complaining all the time about it. It seems to be the only thing i thnk about anymore. The worse thing is i have so much great things in my life and i cant appriocate them because im not getting pregnant. I feel like this might ruin my marriage if it dont happen for us. But i will pray for you.
Stargazer1114 replied to haelie's response:
I feel the same way ladies. Anon, I know just what you mean. I have been TTC for a year now; I get so emotional every month and it is driving my poor husband crazy!

Haelie, my younger sister just had a gorgeous little girl a few months ago...It is so hard to forget how sad I am when I see how happy my sister is...

Krista, I'm in the 2WW right now too...I took a test (5 days early) and it was neg, so I had a horrible day, but I STILL keep hoping...
Heatmess responded:
Yes! Charting for months - same story. Got old faithful this morning following a low temp. I feel crazy praying over my thermometer day 25 for a high temp.! I'm going to the doctor next week. Everyone one said have fun with it make a baby the old fashion way, that didn't work...this hasn't work either. We have been trying for 14months and charting for six. I'm going to the doctor for some answers hopefully! I'm sorry for your frustration but I know exactly how you feel.
Heatmess replied to haelie's response:
I find myself hating all the pregnant girls too, and questioning why they deserve it and I don't. It's getting really hard to slap a smile on my face.
tripp9 responded:
I am in the exact same boat. I have very regular periods and get my LH surge on the 14 day. My husband and myself have been trying for over 2 years now and nothing. I've had my tubes checked for blockage and my husband has been tested. Both came back okay and they said that that was not the issue. I have 2 friends that got preggo on their first try and here I am 2 years later and nothing. Good Luck to all you ladies who are trying and thanks for being there to vent to.
Judie DH (27), Me (31), TTC since July 09, Have done Acupuncture and going to start trying it again.
kristakirwin replied to tripp9's response:
Thanks so much for all your encouragement ladies!!! I got my BFN and had a little fit, LOL...back in the 2WW again...have no idea when I ovulated because of course I couldn't sleep and my temps were all wacky...this sounds bad, but it makes me feel better that I'm not all alone. I felt REALLY bad a couple weeks ago because I happened to run into my downstairs neighbor (who I never see) and saw she was pregnant...and I was not very nice...I thought about it all week, it really upset me that I have these mean feelings...all I could think of was "You already have two kids...why?? I'm upstairs standing on my head trying to conceive and your downstairs getting knocked up!!!!!"....LOLOL...I feel better because a couple of days ago I saw her and congratulated her and asked just made me feel like less of a psycho

Praying for all of you for the strength to make it through.....
~Krista(33), DH(39), TTC since 9/2009

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