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    TTC 14 months now...
    BChild1108 posted:
    I dated my now husband for 18 months and we never used protection (stupid me). I never got pregnant for 18 months!!!! But then In april of 2010 I had an abortion, because I was 21 years old and was getting married that june, I had a pt job and was not ready to be a mom and struglle. It wouldn't be fair to the child. IT WAS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE I HAVE EVER MADE. I regret it every day.
    After we got married I got a better job and bought a house. So in August (4 months) I came off of the depo i was temp on after the abortion.
    I have been trying to concieve ever since. watching my temp, ovulation test, cervix checking....I have still yet to concieve.
    I irregular periods, thats why I track so much and all the time.
    The past 10 months I have noticed I do not notice a diff in my cervix (You know open or closed, high or low) and I have had a constant ovary pain. Sometimes sharper than other times. Im always fatigued and always feel sick to my stomach. ALWAYS have painful heavy periods.
    Question1: Could my abortion have caused scarring and problems where I cant get pregnant again?
    Question2: Could it be ovarian cyst that is causing me to be infertile??
    I know I need to go to a dr., but I do not want to get hit with horrible news. That would just brake me even more than what i did.
    I just want opinions first or maybe self experiences.... Please help me...
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hello BChild1108 and welcome.

    First of all, you will need to see a doctor to get some answers, but don't convince yourself it will be bad news. Consider it as expert help so you and your husband can achieve your dream of becoming parents.

    Secondly, this article on abortion says this about Fertility , "An abortion is unlikely to affect your fertility." Again, your doctor will be able to tell you more, but hopefully it will help you feel a bit better.

    Depo Provera is known to take a very long time before a woman starts to ovulate again. Nurse Jane talks about Depo Provera and Ovulation in her blog and says, "When testing for actual return of ovulation, the range can be 77-425 days with a mean time of 211 days— or seven months (Fotherby, 1986)." You can see that some women take over a year for ovulation to return.

    Your doctor will be able to address the heavy periods, pains, nausea and fatigue, too.

    Update us on how you're doing,

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