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3 yrs and counting
kasada7 posted:
My husband and I have been ttc for 3 years now. No baby, not even a late or missed period. We're both young and healthy. We havn't tried any treatments. We prefer not to try invitro. My gyno has never suggested that anything is wrong. I've told him that it's been 3 yrs and he doesn't seem to be concerned. My periods are usually regular, but they don't last very long, maybe 3 days at the most. Could this have something to do with it. Maybe I'm not producing the right amounts of hormones. It's getting frustrating. The age old question, " when are you guys having kids?" is getting harder and harder to avoid. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!
hipnautica responded:
I have been TTC now for 5 yrs and the question about when are you having kids never gets easier. Sometimes I have gotten so sick of hearing it I have said Im not having kids or Im not trying. Anyway I wouldnt jump into IVF first thing but if your not pregnant soon you need to move on from your gyno to a reproductive doc because after a year of not getting pregnant thats when they say its time to worry and move onto help. It is very possible that your hormones are off but there is no way of telling unless you get some testing done. You could have blocked tubes, low hormones, your husbands sperm count could be low, it is really hard to tell unless you get some testing going. It could be a simple as getting on Clomid and you end up getting pregnant but I wouldnt waste my time much longer with my gyno, yes they know the female body but not as well as a reproductive doc. Also not sure why your doc isnt worried he actually should have already sent you to another doc. just to rule out different things. Good luck and hope you get some answers soon.
PinkJenn1333 responded:
Hi there! I'm in the same boat as you. My husband and I have been ttc for a little over 4 yrs. During that time, we've been all over the ttc spectrum. We did charting and temping and all that, then we decided that was way too stressful for us, at one point we gave up. But with everyone around us getting pregnant and having babies, it's hard to give up on something we want so bad. We recently started some testing, as we just got good enough insurance to cover it. Found out my husband has a low sperm count AND low sperm motility. Double whammy. And we don't know yet if something is wrong with me or not. I'm overweight, I know I need to get that under control. But, I mean, FOUR YEARS.....that's a LONG time to not have anything happen. Every period is a heartbreak at this point. Anyway, not really any insight, but I understand you and am right there with you. I hope we both get our dreams, and SOON!

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