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Try to Conceive: 16 Months, Still Trying
jessi2056 posted:
Hi, My name is Jessica. Me and my husband have been TTC now for 16 months. We have had all the initial testing done. His SA came back great. Really high count and 87% motility. I had a HSG done and had an allergic reaction to the dye. but that was good too. My estrodol level came back 120 for my mature 18 mm fallicole... and that was low they like to see it close to a 200. I am hypothyroidism... and my insulin level came back a 13.5 so they started me on metformin because they like to see it under a 10 to increase chances of conceiving. I have another appointment with my Fertility Specialist Nov. 18... I just need someone to talk to, to keep me from stressing out.... it would be nice to hear other ppl's stories for motivation!
att76 responded:
Hi Jessica! My name is Steph and my husband and I have been trying now for 13 months! I am on my 3rd round of clomid and am hoping this is the month! Like you I have had all the tests done...DH's SA was good, the HSG was good (which by the way really sucks to have to do!!!!), but so far nothing. Last month i stressed so much about it I made AF show up later then normal! Talk about getting your hopes up!!!! I never really realized until I started ttc that I want a baby BAD!!!!! If I don't get pregnant this month my doctor wants to do IUI. Not sure I want that route, but I want a baby!
So keep positive and good luck with your doctors appointment on the 18th! I know the waiting for that appointment can be hard, but you can come here to read other people's stories and see you are not the only one struggling with the waiting game! Well keep me posted and good luck!!
jessi2056 replied to att76's response:
Thank you for the encouragment! I will keep you up dated. and sorry to hear about your AF showing up last cycle. I will keep my fingers crossed for you this month! we will beat this thing! it just seems like we have to wait our turn.... wich kinda sucks but i know once i have that sweet budle of joy in my arms it will be worth the wait! also keep me posted good luck!
att76 replied to jessi2056's response:
Thanks for the words of support! I am trying not to stress now. I am in my 2ww and am not going to make myself read anything into the "signs". I totally agree about this all being worth it in the end...I just need to keep thinking that! I will keep you posted and you do the same! good luck! Let me know how the doctors appointment goes!
jessi2056 replied to att76's response:
On Nov. 18 my appt. was cancelled b/c the dr. had an emergancy surgery... on the 20th of this month i had an appt. come to find out i was pregnant... me and my husband were so very excited. but they put us on progesterone b/c mine was too low. yesterday i had another blood test done and my dr. calls to tell me my HCG levels dropped and the pregnancy is not viable anymore. he informed me to stop taking the progesterone to let my period come. seems just as fast as you can get something it can get taken right away just as fast...
jessi2056 replied to jessi2056's response:
Had to go and get a Rohgam(sp) shot today. b/c my blood type is negative, and the husbands is positive. Wednesday i start famara and then when i get a positive on my OPK i go in for an ultrasound. The Dr. is also showing me how to give myself the Trigger shot. then i get put on progesterone after that so hopefully this all works and i will not have another dreaded miscarriage. I am not losing faith. I still have hope. let me know how your doing ATT76! I am praying for you!

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