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No Insurance coverage for Fertility treatments and 38 years old.
Anon_126162 posted:
This's my story. I am 38 yeas old, and I have polycystic ovary syndrome. We are trying to conceive for 2 years. We have Insurance, and only paid for evaluation or initial Fertility consultation; no for studies or treatments. We have no money available to do for ourselves without help. I think the worst is not be able to know what is happening in our bodies that we are unable to conceive. I checked in others countries for affordable studies and treatments but the travel and the time we need to spend there is too much for us too. I am desperated. He maybe is able to conceive but he keeps saying me that he is married with me only because he loves me. I dont want to interfere in his right to be a father if he wants to, but infidelity or sharing is something unaceptable for me.
Adoption: too expensive, takes too long? I dont know.
We are talking about resignation and God's destiny all the time. I love to be a mother. What do you think about this. Please, you can be totally sincere with me, brutally sincerity is ok, too. I prefer honest people that polite ones.
Thank you.
Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Welcome Anon_126162 and welcome. I am sorry to hear of your trying to conceive challenges.

Here's a recent posting on Infertility Resources . Resolve, one of the resources has a link for you on financing infertility treatments. This Ovulation and TTC Tips slideshow may be helpful, too.

In my state, there are foster care programs, some of which can lead to affordable adoption opportunities. Surrogacy may also be an option. You've mentioned religion, and I am wondering if you've checked if there are any grants, loans or adoption opportunities through your church.

Hopefully others will share their stories too.

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gabzi responded:
I am in a similar situation myself. My insurance does not cover anything beyond diagnostic testing. My husband and I have been TTC for 3 1/2 years now and I also have PCOS among other issues they seem to keep discovering. We were recently informed that IVF was our best option, as you most likely know, expensive. Your specialist billing department should be able to give you financing information, there are many organizations that help. There are special loans you can take out just for medical procedures. Adoption through the state is very inexpensive if that is where you end up, there is a lot of help you can get with the minor expenses that are left uncovered. I have spent much time doing the research and it seems where there is a will there is a way, just don't give up. Do your own research when it comes to this, it helps. Be informed and do whatever it takes to be a mother, all legal of course lol. Good luck to you and know there are those out there who understand exactly what you're going through.
Azwoman72 replied to gabzi's response:
I am single, over 35 and have some fertility issues going on and I can certainly understand the whole financial spectrum of this. i work for the gov't and have no fertility coverage as I have called and called, and been online looking at our benefits. My insurance does pay for all blood work but thats about it and I have a flexible spending account which has been awesome and has reimbursed me for IUI's and I am upping my contributions starting in Jan. Its alll pre-tax so if either of your employer's offers it, take it! You hardly miss the money and it goes into a seperate account for you to use for medical stuff. For my meds,I use a pharmacy out of the UK as they are reliable and my reproductive endocrinologist recommends them also-they are alot cheaper than anywhere here in the US or Canada but it still adds up. I am working two jobs to pay for this stuff... and my credit is not very good so financing is out of the question plus I just paid off some stuff in which interest was just ridiculous and late fees, etc so I am careful with the credit stuff now. I am also submitting an appeal to my insurance co with my doctor's help and im waiting to hear back. If they deny some or all procedures, Im going to forward the letter to one of my employer ran retirement accounts, which has restrictions but necessary medical expenses may get me some money and I will do IVF if I get it. I am doing whatever I can. If youre married, can you or your spouse find something on the weekend, holiday help even, as every little bit of extra money helps. If you want somethign bad enough, you find ways to pay for it. Thats how I look at it. Im also going to start the adoption process just in case as I am open to that also and if it takes a while, you may as well start now. Good luck.

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