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Could it be him?
playa0377 posted:

My husband and I have been "trying" for 2 years now and have still not conceived. There are a few factors which may be hindering our efforts, but one is particularly concerning to me. My husband is a healthy 31 year old, and yet, he has very little ejaculate. It has been this way for at least the last two years, and I am wondering what might be the cause of this. He doesn't take any medication, and though he does drink alcohol frequently, it is not every day. Please help!
Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Welcome Playa0377 and thanks for posting!

According to the Infertility Treatment Slideshow , "In about 40% of the infertile couples, the cause is traced to the man." Since you cannot see sperm, the amount of ejaculate doesn't necessarily tell you anything. A Semen Analysis may be used to check that out.

I'd definitely encourage you both to see your doctors, and get started on figuring out what's kept you from conceiving for the last two years.

Keep us updated on how you're doing,

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whos2say responded:
I have the same problem! I think its him cause there is not very much at all. However, he was tested and although they didnt give me numbers for results, they said his tests were good. I would be interested in knowing exact numbers though if I can get him to test again. I wish there was something he could take to produce more though We have been trying for 2 years too. I am conviced we will need to do insemination to conceive...
playa0377 replied to Byroney_WebMD_Staff's response:
Thank you, Byroney, for your reply. I know you are right in that we need to see a doctor. We have both known this for some time, and yet, for one reason or another, we have put it off. On my part, I think it might be fear of discovering that we cannot conceive.

I do have a question, though. We live somewhere that good medical care is not found easily. Do we need to seek out a reproductive specialist, or would it be possible to go through an OB-GYN?

Thanks again
playa0377 replied to whos2say's response:
Thanks for your post, whos2say. I am sorry that you are going through the same troubles. I hope that we will both be able to realize our dreams some day.

Best wishes

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