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26 yrs old & TTC 17 months w/no luck.
Anon_148499 posted:
Planning to schedule my first doc. appt. this week, any advice on how to choose a doctor? Should I go to someone who specializes in OB/GYN or just my regular family doctor? I"m new to the area I live in so I'm not sure who to choose. We've been TTC for 17 months with no luck, tried ovulation calculator, and tests, pretty sure we're doing everything correctly but finally decided I should go get checked out to make sure everything is normal. Wish me luck, drs. make me nervous!
Thank you!! I need moral support!
deliela999 responded:
I'd recommend starting with an OBGYN. A family doctor is not likely to know what to do with IF. Don't let the OBGYN drag on too long before moving on to an RE. An RE is going to be much more aggressive but also more expensive. My OBGYN did some initial bloodwork, then 4 rounds of clomid with CD 21 progesterone tests, then a SA on DH and HSG on me. After my 4th round of clomid he passed me on to an RE. I'm waiting on AF to start the new treatment regime, probably in about a week. Good luck!!
lesept replied to deliela999's response:
Thanks for the info deliela, what does RE stand for? I've scheduled an appt with a new OBGYN and bought a pack of OPK so hopefully something happens within the next month or two! I'm not really up to date on the abbrevations on this site so i'm not sure what you mean with RE, CD, SA and DH, sorry. Thanks for your response!
deliela999 replied to lesept's response:
Hopefully you won't be around here long enough to learn all the abbreviations! RE is a reproductive endocrinologist (fertility specialist).
CD = cycle day, first day of your period is day 1
SA = semen analysis
DH = dear husband

I started by using OPK's and taking that info with me to my OBGYN for my annual. Since I never got a negative I took one every day even through my period and had 100 negative ones before getting my first positive. That pushed my doctor to start looking for problems and treating me even though I hadn't been trying for a year yet. It was obvious I had a problem. Good luck!
curiousnmo replied to deliela999's response:
Dont waste your time on a regular dr. Go to an obgyn then go from there.
sonum7 responded:
My Dear I dont know what took you so long to go to a should have gone after trying for a year..Book an appointment for a obg/gyno and start from there..tell them what all u have tried and before going jot down all the questions u want to ask the Dr so that u dont forget. Better get a blood work done many of us get last minute surprises...

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