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Could this be the reason why we are not conceiving?
Loriel posted:
Two months after my husband and I were married we got pregnant. I was on BC and we were using condoms. The pregnancy was successful and I gave birth in Aug 08. About 8 months later we started trying again. It has now been over 4 years with no success. Not even a failed pregnancy.

My Ob/Gyn had me have the HSG test and the blood test to check hormones, everything is fine. My husband had a sperm analysis done and everything is fine with him as well.

After giving birth I had retained placenta which passed on its own a month later (the dr didn't know). I was checked to make sure there wasn't any more placenta in my uterus. And that test came back fine. I also had postpartum hemorrhage (PPH).

Since giving birth in 08 I get frequent yeast infections. at least every other month - if not every month. I also at times have a greenish discharge.

Could the retained placenta episode be causing the yeast infections? Could this be the reason why we are not conceiving?

Loriel Smith
Loriel responded:
More info: I am 29 yrs old and my husband is 32.
xzsublime84zx responded:
I have the same problem. I get yeast infections ALL THE TIME. I finally got cleared up and stopped drinking soda completely, started eating fresh raw garlic- it has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, have cut the amount of sugar way down in the rest of my diet and have been taking a probiotic. So far, have been YI free for six months... I absolutely contribute this to my change in diet/supplements. I was getting them every single month for about five years. While I am sure I will get another at some point this has been the best six months of my vaginas life!! Also, during the times of the month where you aren't actually TTC but still having sex have him pull out because for some women that can contribute as well. Not that this answers your question on the TTC part but this may help for the YI. Are you getting BV with your YIs? I was getting that every time as well (bacterial vaginosis) and that has also gone away. I recently read a couple studies (for a Sexuality course in college) that said that women who get BV frequently have unexplained Infertility and that in women who had been trying for over a year (or more in dif studies but you get the picture!) who had BV recurring during that time once they got it treated over half in this one study were pregnant within 6 months. So they are thinking that BV could cause unexplained infertility which makes me wonder about YI too! Good luck.

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