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Sleep and Mucinex
PinkPanther444 posted:
Has anyone else had a really hard time sleeping at night while taking Mucinex twice a day? I've been taking the second dose at 5:30pm, 12 hours after the first one, and I laid in bed for hours last night! I'm going to tough it out for the next few days, but this sucks!
PGinSJ responded:
No sorry didn't have that reaction at all. Hmm sounds like Mucinex or something is serving as a stimulant. You are sure you are just taking the Guafenisin (?sp) not the other ingredient in most cough meds to decrease congestion? Because that definitely is a stimulant.
PinkPanther444 responded:
Yeah, I checked the label. It is plain Mucinex, not Mucinex D, and it has the guafenisnin in it. My body is overly sensitive to most stimulants, i.e. caffeine... can't drink it, so maybe I don't processes the guafenisin the same way others do.
cms51684 responded:
I would take my Mucinex at night too and it never affected my sleeping either.

The strangest things can affect your sleep though. I can tell you when I first got on BC pills I had really bad insomnia for a while. So it's possible it's just your hormones. Also, I can tell you that mediciations that are supposed to make you drowsy keep me up all night. Sometimes our bodies just react wacky to different things.
LauraKelley1984 responded:
I'm super sensitive to almost anything. I was such an insomniac that I had my own sleep doctor and literally went for over 100 hours without more than dozing for a tiny bit once when I was in college. But I am with the pps. Mucinex does nothing to disturb my sleep (and even benedryl keeps me up). Everyone's body acts differently though!
madamenordica responded:
Even with bronchitis, I can't sleep well taking mucinex. my daughter also has this problem, so no, now we are a power of 3

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