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What Would Make It Better?
Emma_WebMD_Staff posted:
Hi members!

I'll start by saying that I know everyone would like the old boards back, but they are no longer available. And honestly, they were not working well anymore, which was why we needed to implement something new.

We want to make the reading and interacting on the new forums less confusing, and in order to do that we need you to tell us exactly what you find the hardest to do. Give us as many concrete details as you can.

  • Is it hard to read because your board/conversations move too fast?
  • Is it because the What's Happening Now feed only shows what's new?
  • Is it because you can only see 15 posts at a time on the What's Happening Now page?
  • Is the page too cluttered?

Tell us exactly what makes it hard or confusing and how you'd like it to behave.

We will pass all of your comments and suggestions along to our engineering and management teams and keep you informed about what changes are coming.

Take care,
MichelleR88908 responded:

I'm glad to see WebMD is asking for input! The traffic has plummeted, so hopefully our input can help that.

Things I find confusing:

1. I can't tell which conversations are "new." I understand that they show up in order of latest replies, but I find it difficult to remember if I have already read that thread/reply or not, or if it's one I just don't care to keep up to date on.

2. Yes, having only 15 conversations showing is frustrating. There are conversations that seem to have disappeared?

3. I have tried using the "Watch this Discussion" link, but nothing seems to happen? What happens when I am "watching" a discussion? And I supposed to get email notices, are they a different color, etc?

4. There is way too much information on the page.
-- The "Reply/Watch/Report" line could be moved in line with the blue "Discussion" tab and save some visual space.
-- Seeing the text of the last reply is confusing ... and sometimes a bit frustrating. I'm "joining" a conversation half way through, and it's hard to keep track. Adding a to allow expansion of that line would be helpful (if it could be set to a default). That way people could choose to see the latest, or start from the beginning/where they left off.

5. I know this is just a function of html coding, but the formatting process is very frustrating! Unless users are somewhat web savvy, they will likely have a hard time getting the bullets, numbering, etc to work as they want.

6. Signatures, signatures, signatures! Enough said ... =>

The pictures are a nice addition, as are the spotlights and member stories.

DD Ronnie, 5yrs old
TTC #2
Emma_WebMD_Staff replied to MichelleR88908's response:
Thanks Michelle. On the watch this discussion you are suppose to get an email yes, but also on the left hand side in the watch this discussion box it will show you if something you are watching has a new comment and how many new comments that thread has.

I hope that helps!
baptobar replied to Emma_WebMD_Staff's response:
The boards are very cluttered now and its hard to recognize where I have been, what I have read and what is even new. I really like the member stories but miss our signatures. The signatures are so important to the ladies here because its our way to tracking each others cycles. Other then that, this is just going to take some getting use to and some practice!

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