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not expecting it
pooky5150 posted:
Everyone says that you will get KU when you least expect it. I try every month not to expect it. But then I get close to when AF is suppose to come and I'm all over the internet googling symptons calculating my due date and analyzing everything.

They said the same thing about getting married and for me it was true. I met DH in a chance meeting in a restaurant. I was at the table checking my email and he was at the table behind me. I was there checking my email to see if an ex-boyfriend had sent me anything (lol) When DH passed me twice and then out of the blue started talking to me. We talked for the next 8 hours and 4.5 years later we are inseparable.

So I said all of that to say I'm on CD20. Think I ovulated either CD17 or 18. I'm trying not to get my hopes up. But its that time again, I can't help but be a little hopeful with the HSG being clear and my 30lb weight loss. I'm just trying to act like I don't care and then maybe it will happen.

So here's to not expecting BFPs. Got to google my symptons now. lol :)

So what are your "meeting DH" stories?

Happy Memorial Day!! Thank you to all the military and their families.
Tanya (30) Dh (31) TTC 1 since 3/09
jlhill88 responded:
DH and I met a little over 4 years ago. I was over at a friends house with a lot of other friends just hanging out. I had my eye on this one guy but I was way too shy to make a move. Then all of a sudden this other guy that had graduated from the same high school 2 years before me comes and sits down beside me. I was a little annoyed but we chatted. At the end of the night he asked for my number and the called me the very next day. We have been together ever since. Just last year we finished building our house and we really want a family to make it a home.

We hear all the time it will happen when you least expect it. We tried not TTC just letting it happen and nothing so hear we are 15 months later still TTC and looking for anwsers.
DH(24),Jennifer(22)-TTC1. Temping and OPK's. On cycle 14.
MichelleR88908 responded:
DH and I were both active duty Air Force when we met. I was casually dating someone else, and DH invited himself to a New Year's Eve party my group of friends were having.

We lived in Los Angeles, and the party was at a bar in Hermosa Beach. And what did DH walk in wearing? Tight jeans and a cowboy hat! We spent the evening two stepping to rap music, and I knew he was the one for me! Plus he's a pilot ... how much cooler can it get?

Hee hee hee ...

DD, 5 yrs old
sarahgrl responded:
DH and I met online a little over 8 years ago. My roommate in college dared me to sign up for one of those free sites just to see if I would get any responses. She didn't believe I would so I set up my free account and off I went. I had gotten over 400 replies in a little over a week so I decided I had proved to her I could do it and I went online to shut off my account....but not before reading ONE last message. It was a guy that lived in the town I went to school and worked in the town my parents lived in. He just moved here from Alaska and didn't know I sent him a message. Turned out he was online at the time (getting ready to shut down his account as well) and he shot one right back, this went on for over 4 hours. I got brave and gave him my phone number and we talked for 2 more hours. We met at a local mall the next day and hung out all day, we've been together ever since!

We've now been married for 5 years this July, have a cute little house with 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a lovely 2 year old :) Now if only we could have baby number 2 we'd be all set!
ajbinpa responded:
Hoping for good things for you this month Tanya!! :)

DH and I met over 9 yrs ago as freshman in college. We actually had 2 classes together which is how we first started talking. We dated all the way through college and got married 10 months after graduating. So 4 yrs dating and we just celebrated our 5 yr wedding anniversary! He is my best friend and I love him more all the time! We are about to make our 3rd major move in 5 yrs and the good news is that we got a house!! We have a contract on a very nice home and are scheduled to close at the end of June. We are hoping that we can get settled in and start our family there :)
Me (28) and DH (28) TTC 1 C12, C2 with clomid 50mg. 7 day LP w/o meds
ariannasmommy1125 responded:
Ugh my MIL used to tell us all the time to "stop trying so hard" and you will get pg! She even had the nerve to say I told you so after I got pg with DD. Ummm...I was on clomid so I would say we were trying pretty hard!

Anyway, DH and I met at a friend's house almost 10 years ago. I had just broken up with my fiance so I really wasn't looking for or expecting a new relationship. I even told DH "We'll see" when he asked me out. We got married about 4 months after we met and will be celebrating out 10 year anniversary this November.

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