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Monday Updates
jlhill88 posted:
First off hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day. I am so grateful for all of the service men and women who sacrifice everything to serve our country.

I am on C15 CD2. We have an SA scheduled for next Monday after that we will figure out what the next step is for me. I am hoping for some good news but DH is really nervous.

I was so glad for a three day weekend. DH and I went furniture shopping and we had a blast. It was some much needed down time especially after a really bad Friday(DH did an at home SA kit and both tests came back negative).

Good Luck to ya'll in the 2WW and have fun BDing for those Oing. Keeping my FX and praying for everyone.

DH(24),Jennifer(22)-TTC1. Temping and OPK's. On cycle 14.
sarahgrl responded:
woooo....this weekend has left me EXHAUSTED! Mine and DH's bdays were this past week (mine on friday) so we were busy with birthday stuff and memorial day (had to go to my granddaddy and granddaddy red's graves to remember them :) ). My daughter spent a good portion of the day in the pool today (when it wasn't raining) which meant I had to as well, and I'm fighting to keep my eyes open.

Turns out this lovely 3 day weekend is when I was going to O we had to DTD a lot ;) happy birthday to me! So today I am CD 16, haven't been keeping up with my cycles but it's been a while *sigh* I still have my appointment on wednesday to have bloodwork done and talk to the doctor about our next step.
ajbinpa responded:
Ok after a long wknd, I've got some TTC updates and some gen. life updates....

C12, cd7, C2 of clomid 50mg but doing cd3-7. Kind of weird but AF was super light this month. Really only 2- 2 1/2 days of anything and it was light. I'm usually pretty light but this was weird esp since I was expecting AF to be worse bc of the clomid. I even took a pg test just to be sure (bc I'm doing the clomid) but def a bfn. We'll see how this c goes on far the s/e haven't been as bad or have kicked in yet. Staying hopeful! Last month, the headaches were terrible for me, but I've only had 1 so far and it could have been bc of other factors.

Ok, life update...we have a contract on a house! Yeah! So that puts my mind at ease a bit bc now we can put our plans in motion to move which will be end of June. So now lots of stuff to do to get ready for that, but that was a huge burden to have that figured out. Now to find a job.....sigh....

Can't wait to hear about the Dr. apts that are happening this wk! GL Sarah! And Jennifer, hang in there on DH SA stuff...don't lose hope until you have the results back on the one next wk!
Me (28) and DH (28) TTC 1 C12, C2 with clomid 50mg. 7 day LP w/o meds
ariannasmommy1125 responded:
Not much to report yet a again LOL. But I do have my doctor's appointment tomorrow so hopefully my crazy cycles will get regulated so this TTC business will get at least a little easier!
joellelewis replied to ariannasmommy1125's response:
Sorry for the late update, I didnt have internet access where we were on vacation

I am CD19, I am 3DPO and very excited for this month :-)
Me (26) DH (29) On C19...first fertility appt with OB June 9th..Can't wait!!!

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