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update: appointment
sarahgrl posted:
Ok, so I had my big appointment today...which ended in just talking about the next steps we're going to take after my blood results come back and doing a pelvic exam (fun times). I don't go to have my blood drawn until friday though, they like to check progesterone on day 21, that falls on saturday so I'm going on friday. So I'm pretty much stuck not knowing anything until next monday when the results come in. I had hardly any signs of ovulation this month (I have not done an OPK in a while so I don't know). My temp really didn't change, and I didn't get much cervical mucus. So she said that the progesterone levels will tell them 2 things: if I'm ovulating, and if I AM ovulating, if I'm producing enough to sustain the edometrial lining. If I didn't ovulate then they are starting me on clomid and progesterone (but only to take between the time of ovulation until day 28 of cycle if pregnancy has not been detected), if I did then they are starting me on progesterone only.

So no REAL answers, but at least I know where we are going from here and we have a plan of attack! :)
ariannasmommy1125 responded:
Hey Sarah! Glad you have a plan! I did progesterone and clomid when we were TTC DD and got my BFP on the 3rd cycle. Let us know about your test results!
joellelewis responded:
Can't wait to hear the results of your BW! I am so glad that you have a plan now, and feel like you got some answers. Best of luck to you
Me (26) DH (29) On C19...first fertility appt with OB June 9th..Can't wait!!!
sarahgrl replied to joellelewis's response:
yeah, and I had VERY light pink spotting today when I went to the bathroom (once). It's 8 days before AF so I'm praying as hard as I can that it's implantation bleeding. Lets hope that I can get some answers one way or another.
joellelewis replied to sarahgrl's response:
Praying for you too!
Me (26) DH (29) On C19...first fertility appt with OB June 9th..Can't wait!!!
ajbinpa responded:
Thanks for the update on your apt! Glad you are moving forward with things. I have done prog only after O and now doing just clomid. Gonna give that a few cycles. So I'm hoping 1st of all that the spotting was IB for you, but if not, hoping that this next cycle will be the one!! :)
Me (28) and DH (28) TTC 1 C12, C2 with clomid 50mg. 7 day LP w/o meds

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