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jlhill88 posted:
Where have you been? Haven't heard anything out of you in a little while and was wondering where my cycle buddy had gone. Hope all is well.

DH(24),Jennifer(22)-TTC1 over 15 months now. Temping and OPK's. Male Infertility Factor-awaiting more testing.
ajbinpa responded:
Jennifer, thanks for checking in! Life has been a little crazy lately with a trip and moving in a week. It probably won't settle down for a while...what is normal anyway right?

Cycle update - got AF on Fri. I have to say that I am kind of at a loss for what is going on with me right now. It was my 2nd cycle with clomid right, but I never got a pos. OPK so not even sure if I Oed. I did try a different brand of OPKs for the first time. I used the CBE instead of the Answers, so I am a little paranoid about that. Then my cycle was only 23 days total which is officially the shortest cycle I've ever had...I don't know! DH and I had a little pow-wow this wknd about what to do next and I felt like we should tab but he wanted me to take that 3rd c of clomid. So I am doing that again despite our crazy lives right now. It's kind of weird bc I'm almost at a peace with just getting settled right now. I'm going to get an apt set up with a RE where we are moving to here in the next few weeks. I think I will just feel better seeing an RE and talking through some of my concerns.

How are you guys? Any more update with DH's testing? Hope you are doing well!
Me (28) and DH (28) TTC 1 C12, C2 with clomid 50mg. 7 day LP w/o meds
jlhill88 replied to ajbinpa's response:
I know what you mean. Lol just when I think the next week is going to be calm and "normal" something else comes up. Bummer on not knowing forsure if you Oed this last cycle. Can you temp and do clomid? (I don't know much about the do's and don'ts of clomid). I have used the CBE OPK's and I really like them-they are just a little expensive. I usually use dip tests that I found online that are available in bulk. However, this past cycle I used CBE digital OPK's for the first time and I really liked them.

DH had bw done last Monday and we are still waiting on the results. He has to go Wed for another SA and a u/s of his testicles (poor guy). He is very much so determined to do whatever it takes. Depending on how this SA turns out and what his urologist says we may be looking for an RE. If his count is still really low I don't see the point in going through with 3 cycles of IUI like my gyno suggested. We can afford IVF and DH's urologist seemed to think that would be the better option.

GL with an RE and moving!
DH(24),Jennifer(22)-TTC1 over 15 months now. Temping and OPK's. Male Infertility Factor-awaiting more testing.
joellelewis replied to ajbinpa's response:
Annie, I really hope that everything goes well with your moving and that you are able to see an RE and get some answers.
Me (26) DH (29) On C19....waiting on HSG and SA to be done to explain IF

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