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Fertile family history but 8 mos of trying. Should I get checked out?
jackii_8 posted:
I'm new to this discussion but I do have concerns that I would love to have some input on. I'm a healthy 26 year old and my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for almost 8 months without success. I've been charting and using ovulation test kits and everything else I can think of. I've always had regular cycles, around 28 days on average and I've never had any big health issues.

As far as I know, my family has always been fertile. My mom got pregnant within 2 months of trying. My sister has had 4 children and she's only 28. My husband's family has never had any trouble conceiving either. With all that family history on our side, I'm wondering if maybe I should get more thoroughly checked out by my doctor for any underlying medical problems? I know most doctors say wait until 1 year of trying but I would just like to know if something is going on with me. We're doing everything right but my period comes every month without fail, seemingly impervious to everything we're doing. Is anyone else in this same situation?

Babydoll51801 responded:
Believe it or not, it is very common. They say only 50% of couples get pregnant within the first 6 months and 85% in the first year. I am also healthy and only 27 years old, but I started testing somewhat early just for the peace of mind. Depending on the doctor, they will usually run the tests if you want them to, even if it hasn't been a year yet. Since it sounds like you are ovulating regularly, I would suggest having your husbands sperm checked first. It's an easy and quick test. As far as tests for you... you could get a hysterosalpingogram, or "dye test" to see if your tubes are clear. Otherwise I'd just hang in there... It will happen sooner or later! Good luck to you :)
CadillacQueen408 responded:
Hi Jackii,

Well, I just turned 28, and my husband and I have been married for 8 months. We have just started to really try to have a baby in the last 3 months. I haven't been on birth control or anything like that. I did go to my obgyn. He asked me were there any abnormal levels in stress, and he asked about my last few periods, which were irrregular (33, 34, and 26 days), compared to my 28-29 days. He suggested that since I am ovulating, to have sex beginning the 12th day of my cycle, once a day, until I get a period. If I don't get a period, then that's probably good news. So... I am on day 18, and we are waiting to see if it works. I do have an appointment for horomone testing, although the doctor said it doesn't look like he'll find anything abnormal.
So.. I would suggest what my obgyn said, and see if it works for you. I'll be sure to come back and let everyone know the good news in a couple weeks :-)
teetee5417 replied to CadillacQueen408's response:
you u should try this website out
babymccool responded:
I am totally in the same boat. We have bben trying for a baby since January. I have been peeing on sticks every morning with ovulation kits, charting and tracking with calenders and have for the last 2 months following doctors orders of having sex every 48 hours during peak ovulation week (per tracking). and still no luck. The doctor and friends keep saying 12-18 months is normal for conception but that is crazy. I keep thinking there is something wrong and would like to try somthing different. I don't know but maybe some fertility drugs. Anyone have suggestions?
luna85 responded:
I am in exactly the same situation. we have been married for almost 2 years and I have been off the pill since last august, but only started trying since march so this would be our 5th month. I thought this month was my month because i was getting what i thought was implantation bleeding, so it happens that it was just my period comming a week early. The thing is that my periods have started to become irregular . before we started trying they were always 32 days long and know they range from 30-39, which for me is very depressing since i cant tell exactly when i am ovulating. I havent started the ovulation kit predictors because we are trying to do it naturally whenever it wants to happen without giving it much thought but i have looked at the predictors online and i guided myself with that but we havent had success which is killing me. I keep thinking there is something wrong with me and everyone around me seems to be getting pregnant and they are not even trying. Baby dust to all of you !!!!!
menshy25 replied to luna85's response:

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