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Has this happened for anyone else?
_1stTimeMomma_ posted:
Ever since my husband and I started TTC(Jan/11) my periods have been slightly irregular. Whereas before it was always regular(about 28 days) and now they range from 28-32 days. I'm just wondering if this has happened for anyone else? Or what I should do...? I'm just worried that this is effecting my ability to conceive.
mrsbulla responded:
Same here... we started trying the same time you did, and my periods since then have been between 28-34 days... it is so frustrating!!! I was always regular too. I wondered if stopping birth control was a factor, but I've been off it too long for that to still be a factor. Sorry I don't have any answers for you, but will let you know if I find anything out. At least know for now you are not alone!
Missy883 responded:
I'm in the same boat. Never had an irregular period until we started trying in January. 2 months ago I went 35 days versus the usual 27-28 days so I went to the doc for a check up. Best we can figure is that it is stress. I think for me, the stress of wanting to conceive so badly and worry that it won't happen is affecting my hormone levels thus my cycles. I've tried to calm down, eat well, sleep well, become more active by exercising more, and I think I'm going to try a ovulation test kit this month. Best wishes to you...
Charlieboo6 responded:
Same here. Normally I am pretty regular but lately I have been very irregular. I went this past month to day 37 and then got my period. I am very sad and disappointed.
_1stTimeMomma_ responded:
Thanks for your replies!!! It IS nice to know I'm not the only one haha. I've definitely tried to destress a lot and I'm now 9 days late hoping for a BFP!!! Good luck to you guys

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