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Everyone but me :(
Anon_129185 posted:
went to a party this weekend and there was a family there with a new baby and three other soon-to-be mothers that were within a few months or so of their due date. i wanted to be happy for them, but i just felt sad. how do you deal with the disappointment? any advice would help. thank you.
AP2008 responded:
Don't take it too hard, we all wish for things to happen and our schedule isn't usually reflective of what happens. Do you believe in God? Sometimes it helps to remember that there is a plan for our lives...

We're working on our 2nd baby and it's taking longer than I would have liked, sometimes my DH reminds me that our DS is so perfect and it takes awhile to make a kid as fantastic as ours. Maybe your baby is going to be sooo perfect, he/she needs more time.

Best of luck!
Katya1985 responded:
I agree with AP2008. Do not concentrate on it too much. To conceive my son it took us like one month but to make a second one it was 5 months of hard work. I wanted to have a girl and wanted her to be born at the begging of the year but that did not happen. I used to make my husband drink all types of crazy vitamins that I thought would help and be mad at him like it was his fault. One day he said: "Relax, It will happen when the moon will be full". So I just let it go and decided to enjoy sex instead of baby planning. I do not know if the moon was full during that month or me relaxed my mind but I got pregnant. So try to relax your mind too and enjoy having sex! I am sure it will happen when you do not expect it.

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