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Think this might be the month!!!
_1stTimeMomma_ posted:
I'm 21 and my husband and I have been ttc since Jan 2011. My last cycle(July 5-9) was completely normal(between 28-30 days) but this one isn't. I'm now almost 10 days late and no signs of AF. My breasts feel fuller, I've had headaches, I've been SOOOOOOO tired, had slight cramps in my back and sides and been dizzy/nauseous. Yet I had a BFN on the 5th of Aug and another on Aug 9th. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them and then AF came or they had just tested too early??? I want to make an appointment to take a test when I'm 2 weeks late, should I? or should I just wait until my next period is due??? I'm so anxious to know!!!

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kidd11206 responded:
Ok I am right there with you I should of started on the 9th of august and I tested on the 11th anf 15th and still negative. Im so anxious waiting. I know exactly how you feel
_1stTimeMomma_ replied to kidd11206's response:
Yea! Its really hard...I explained to DH that its like every time I wake up and every tme I go to the bathroom I'm wondering if AF is gonna come...I'm gonna test again on Thursday. Hopefully my Hcg levels will be high enough to get a positive! Good luck and I hope AF never shows for you hun

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