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Trying to conceive for over 6 months - & I will be 37 in October
An_239341 posted:
Hello - I am 36 years old - soon to be 37. My husband (35) and I have been TTC for over 6 months. Our first child took only 4 months. I know that we are very blessed to have our son - some people can't conceive at all. But I was just hoping for some words of encouragement and maybe some advice and hints as to what to do better. I am just getting very frustrated. I got my period today and I am really feeling down. I really thought that I was pregnant this time. We have been doing the ovulation tests the last 2 months and keeping track of my period. It comes about every 25ish days. People keep telling me that I just need to relax and stop thinking about it so much. "It will happen when I stop thinking about it." But how do I do that?! It is almost always on my mind, in some way. I feel that the older that I get the more stressed I get because I am scared that I am losing my chance to have more children. With my 37trh birthday approaching this fall, I seem to be stressing a bit more. Thanks for any helpful advice.
goldm00n responded:
I understand how you feel. I am 38 and my hubby is 37. We both have children from other marriages. My son is 18 so its been a very long time since I have even thought about babies. Its kind of our last chance. We have been trying for 6 mos and nothing. We just discovered this week about pre-seed lube. We got it at Walgreens and thats we have been trying this week (my fertile week). Keep your head up... our mantra is "if its meant to be it will happen" Sometimes that really sucks but it keeps us going.

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