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Problems conceiving after already having one child.
Lilybug130 posted:
I am a young mother who has been trying to conceive for the past 6 months and have had no luck... I have a history though which is causing me some doubt.. I accidently got pregnant in September of 2008 and had a miscarriage at 13 weeks(December 2009), had to have a DNC done and got pregnant again in April of 2009 (in which we were not trying just played the game when it happens it happens) and had my beautiful daughter in January of 2010, shes now 20 months and we have been trying to get pregnant for the past 6 months. I have always had a normal period, then out of no where in January 2011 they went off schedule and some months im not sure when or if I ovulate. What could cause this sudden change in hormones? Is it possible to loose fertility? I need help!! I want another baby before there is too big of a age gap!
noluckchuck responded:
Hi there!
I know how you're feeling. I am 33 and my DHis 35 we have been TTC #4 since Dec. 2010. I MC'd in April:( and can't understand why it's taking so long. But to answer your question, I hope we don't lose our fertility but from what I've experienced it seems to me that the body just changes after each pregnancy and it just takes longer to adjust or get back to that 'normal' it was...if it ever does. My hormones have definitely changed, but that is easily remedied. My last child was born Dec. 09 and we have been TTC ever since my cycles regulated themselves because I don't want too large an age gap btwn my kiddos either. It is so hard and so disappointing when my cycle returns each month, I have no idea why we haven't conceived.
The best advice I've gotten so far is "Don't try so hard"...trying to keep things light and fun, I guess. Good luck to you and your hubby.

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