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Trying to get pregnant
sheby20 posted:
My husband and I are trying to have another baby, we had a miscarriage in in 6 months ago and now I cant get pregnant again. The doctors say it it will be easier after a miscarriage but I dont see how. We havent used the 36 hour rule yet but I will after today. Any suggestions?
mochabanana responded:
Dear Sheby20,

I know the feeling. We lost twins in April and I had to have a d&c. We have been trying now for 4 months and nothing. It can be really frustrating, especially when people are telling you that it's suppose to be easier. Are you doing any opk's or basal tracking?

I have been doing the ovulation tests every month which I think has given us a good idea of when to try. However this past month I noticed that on day 4 it showed I should be ovulating, and then again on day 7. Although days 5 and 6 were nothing. So I've done some research and found out that the body can gear up to ovulate and then not, and then try again. So I've revised my game plan.

I will still be doing the opk's (I have changed brands) but I will do the 20 day version so that I can see if it shows ovulation (or ovulation attempts) more than once. We of course will be trying every time it shows that I am set to ovulate. I am also going to change my time for doing the opk's. While the packaging says that the morning is "ok" to test, many articles state the contrary, saying the afternoon or evening to be after work. I have also started tracking my basal temperature. I figure if I don't get pregnant this cycle then I will be able to look and see if my opk's ovulation day and my basal temp ovulation days are the same. We are also altering how often we try, so we are making the most of it without depleting ourselves. And I have agreed to lay still for 15-20 minutes following a try (instead of the 5-10 that I'm used to).

I guess if all this doesn't work after a couple months we'll be making a trip to the doc, but in the meantime I'm just trying to find and do as much as I can to boost our chances. Good luck to you!

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