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has anyone heard of prenatal vitamins being used to get pregnant?
Effslock posted:
was just at our local hospital for a pregnancy test and was told negative. the nurse prescribed prenatal vitamins saying that they would help with conception. has anyone else heard of this?
samanthagallagher responded:
yes i went to my doctor today and she asked if i was trying to get pregnant and i said yes and she said to take prenatal vitamins and i never thought about that i just thought thoose were only for when someone was already pregnant
Megpowergirl responded:
I just recently went this route myself.. Vitamin E and D will help stimulate your pituitary glands to help with reproduction but it also helps the body be healthy and ready for a new baby. I only have 1 ovary, and am experiencing my first missed period in a year since my left ovary was removed.. taking a test in 2 days and I have been taking the vitamins now for 2 months... 6 weeks since last period... but as we all know you gotta stop thinking you could be... right?? Best of luck to you.
KCgirl1978 responded:
I have heard this, and think the premise is that by taking them you are ensuring that your body is getting all of the nutrients it needs, creating optimal body conditions. In addition, if you are already taking them pre-conception, when you do conceive, your baby will be reaping the benefits from day 1, as opposed to going without until you suspect that you might be pregnant, and/or your HCG is high enough to yield a positive pregnancy test, which for some is after a missed period... a couple of weeks after conception has taken place.

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