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    at home kits
    soconfuzed81 posted:
    I stopped taking birth control in July and we have been trying since Sept, with the tracking of when Im ovulating with an at home kit, so far everyday its been negative, is it to soon from coming off the pill? We really want to become pregeant befor the end of the year and im getting scared that there is something wrong with me
    KCgirl1978 responded:
    From what I've read recently,
    1.)Yes, it can take 3 months off the Pill for your cycle to regulate. I know this is not what they tell us when promoting the Pill. I had always read (before TTC) that you could become pregnant immediately after going off of the Pill. That was the beauty of the whole idea for me. I don't know if it takes longer for your cycle to regulate if you have been on the Pill for a long time or not, but that is probably something to think about as well. Everyone is different so unfortunately...we have no garauntees, or hard facts to rely on.
    Another bit of information I only discovered recently, reading an article online is that,
    2.) Women do not always ovulate every cycle- this was news to me. I guess you still have your period, but may not neccessarily release an egg every cycle. I don't know why, the article didn't go into that much detail on it. I'm pretty sure we do ovulate more often than not though. I got the feeling from the article that it's something that occurrs (or does not occurr) occassionally.
    3.) Not every woman has a detecable LH-Surge. This was also discouraging to me. I don't think it means that you are not ovulating for certain, just that possibly, when you do ovulate, the amount of LH is not high enough to be detected by the OV test that you are using. Some OV kits are definitely more sensitive than others, and this is something to consider. ClearBlue/ ClearPlan has a digital OV test that comes highly recommended but it is around $200 (may only be able to get it online), and the test strips are sold seperately (in stores). I want it so bad, I'm just not able to designate that amount of $ towards TTC yet. I will tell you, that I found a couple of them listed on Craigslist in my area. The women who posted them were asking very close to retail price because: 1 woman said she only had to use it 1 month before becoming pregnant, the other woman said she only had to use it 2 months before becoming pregnant. So the monitors were still very new. I think it's probably a great investment, especially if you want multiple children. Omg! I just realized that there is an ad for the silly thing just to the left on this page where I am posting! lol! It's at the bottom of the column that lists: Home, Discussions, Tips, etc. I'm sure the ads change periodically, but at least it's available for you to check it out.
    I have been TTC since April. I came off the Pill in March. I had NOT been diligent up until the last couple of months. I started with the basal body temp method, then started to get discouraged, so I began buying the OV kits in August. My cycle has run the gamut of 27- 33 days (started today:( ) in length. First I used a 7 day OV kit from Wal-Mart, Equate brand, they were negative every day, no second line at all. I then purchased the Answer Ovulation kit with 20 days of strips (they expire after 30 days), and to my amazement it showed I was having an LH-Surge on that 8th day! (It kept showing the surge for almost 3 days though??)
    My only child is 8. Before I got pregnant with her, I had been on the Pill for at least 5 years. I was told that after 5 yrs you should give your body a break from the Pill. I was not TTC, in fact we were using condoms and the withdraw method. I had been off the Pill for 7 months before I got pregnant with her.
    It doesn't hurt to use the Basal Temp method WITH the OV kits. The OV kits indicate the beginnng of ovulation, while the BBT, indicates it has already happened.
    If it will help put your mind at ease there is a First Response Fertility Test in stores, that measures FSH level to assess ovarian reserve (egg quantity and quality)-one of the leading single indicators of a woman's ability to get pregnant.
    Remember there are many other factors to consider that can either increase or decrease the odds for both the man and the woman.
    I hope this was helpful, and that everything works out great for you!
    cnorton4 replied to KCgirl1978's response:
    I don't see why you'd be concerned if you've only been trying since September... it supposedly takes the average healthy couple 6 months to a year to conceive.
    kiahsmommy09 replied to KCgirl1978's response:
    This post was very helpful to me. I have been using BBT and clomid but only for like a month. I understand with the $$$ item with all the TTC. I think that if I am not pregnant this month, I will get the ovulation kit. Clearblue does sell one in Walgreens I believe. It's 43.99 on for a one month supply. I t may be more cost effective than the $200 one. Thanks again.
    kiahsmommy09 replied to KCgirl1978's response:
    The monitor is 169.99 at Just thought I would share.

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