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    Officially Discouraged
    KCgirl1978 posted:
    Hi, I'm new to this board. I am 33, and have 1 child who is 8. I also have Fibromyalgia. I stopped taking BC Pill in Mar., after being on it (or the patch) for 7 years. I started charting my cycle in Apr. It has been 27-33 days, never the same. I started BBT in May, but not always every day. I had been smoking for the past 5 yrs, but quit in June. I was 174 lbs (I'm 5'3") and taking several meds for the Fibro. One was Cymbalta which can cause birth defects, not to mention when doing some research online, I found many stories of women abruptly stopped taking it upon a positive pregnancy test, and having miscarriage within days. I weaned off of it by the end of June. I was also prescribed Phentermine to aid with weight loss, and am now finally down to 142 lbs.-still slightly overweight, but much better. I am still taking a few prescription meds in the morns for my stiffness & pain( Ibuprofen & a muscle relaxer, and the Phentermine). I am also taking several supplements in the morns.(Pre-natal with DHA, CalciuIm, Gingko-Biloba, B50). At night I take a Melatonin and either an alprazolam or 1/2 of a Zolpidem in an attempt to get more rest. I also have hydrocodone for those times when my pain is more than the Ibuprofen can help, but it's not something I need everyday. In Aug. I began using OV tests, that did yield positive results on the 17th day of my cycle, and we acted accordingly. I had found out our lubricant was not sperm friendly, so we used water. No conception. In Sept. I OV tested again. I started to get a pink line on the 13th day of my cycle, so we began acting accordingly. The line was a little darker on the 14th day but not yet positive. On the 15th day the pink line was much lighter than the day before. So I took that to mean ovulation had probably occured, and just prayed that the timing was right. I started my period today . We have been using the OV tracker tool here on WebMD from the beginning as well.
    I'm terrified that I am going to be one of those women who has 1 child and then "unexplained infertility". Up until March we had been decided against having another child due to my health, but my daughter became seriously ill in March, and for some reason that changed my mind. Now I'm desperate for another one.

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