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My bf and I have been trying for almost 7 months now, and nothing is happenning.
An_241025 posted:
Since April, Jacob and I have been TTC, but all that has happened is my cycle slowed down to almost nothing. I have taken a home pregnancy test and one from a clinic, but both were negative. Is there anything/advice of what I should do or what to take that will help?
CortneyMarie responded:
I have the same problem I am still waiting for AF which is so whacky I don't even know if I have missed it!!! But as soon as we started trying my cycles became irregular and SHORT and LIGHT!!! I can't understand it I used to be rather regular and had a pretty normal period???? Let me know if you ever find out anything??
njejaa replied to CortneyMarie's response:
Hey:) the only thing I have found out since the latest appointment... is to not stress too much, which I have been stressed out because nothing is happening yet with TTC and you know, all of us have work, bills, and more work. I also got on prenatal vitamins. I am trying my best to not stress or worry about it. I used to have the most regular periods, like I probably could have guessed right at the exact moment I would start, until I started TTC....its just weird!
lyno5 replied to njejaa's response:
I hear ya... same thing with me. I have been off bc for 6 months and my periods have been decently normal now at month 6 I still haven't gotten my AF yet and its CD37, which is a week late for me, but all tests show negative. I don't know what's going on and it's so frusterating. I think I'm gonna wait another week and then if nothing, go in and see what a doc has to say. I feel I haven't been stressing too much this month and then this happens, well now I'm stressing. Ha.

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