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    Been trying for 9 months and still nothing... any suggestions?
    megaanf8907 posted:
    I was on Depo-Provera for 5 years, then went straight to Implanon for 26 months. I stopped all birth control as of 2/1/11, and started taking a complete multivitamin. I've been trying consistently for 9 months now, with not even a chance. I take pregnancy tests monthly because my cycle is so random (always has been), and I don't necessarily get a period every month, or I will for a month straight. Is there anything else I could possibly do to increase my chances of conceiving?
    confuzzled90 responded:
    my husband and i were trying so hard it just stressed out our bodies when we stopped trying we got pregnant..... good luck
    mochabanana responded:
    I would agree that stress can cause a lot of irregularities. But BC can also have some very long lasting effects in some women. It took me almost a year before things became regular for me again, and I had been on the pill for about 6 years (well on and off - mostly off the last 2 years).

    I have heard of a lot of natural fertility enhancers. I recently ordered a tea from . It was reasonably priced ($15 for a months supply) and the reviews (more than 100) were amazing. It's suppose to help regulate the reproductive system and promote pregnancy. I figured it's a months supply and I'd give it a try.

    But if your not into the herbal stuff (I'm generally not a huge fan myself, but it's cheaper to try than fertility drugs), I would suggest taking with your doctor about ways to try to regulate your cycle and improve your chances of conceiving.
    megaanf8907 replied to mochabanana's response:
    thanks. money's kinda tight for fertility drugs, so i'll definitely check it out
    mochabanana replied to megaanf8907's response:
    I got my tea yesterday. The shipping was faster than expected (ordered Monday, got it Wednesday) with the free standard shipping. It looks a bit mossy, but is actually is pretty good. Taste like a mild mint flavor, but is also a bit earthy. I added a little honey to mine, but I tasted it plain and it taste pretty good as well.

    The package says to drink 2-3 glasses a day (hot or cold), and one pack it a months supply if consumed as instructed. So I would still say it's good deal.

    Optimistic about seeing quick results. Good luck if you try it too.
    megaanf8907 replied to mochabanana's response:
    still trying.... no luck. taking prenatal's. losing weight and missed a period last month... not really anything new though. trying at least twice a week, and not really trying at that....
    feeling_inadequate replied to mochabanana's response:
    Your post was very insightful Mochabanana, I was on Mirena? for 5 years and came off of it 1 year ago (Dec), we are still trying to conceive and we have even spent money going to the best fertility experts for treatment and still no luck. I had no idea that if we stayed on birth control for an extended period of time that it will actually harm our reproductive system. My doctor couldn't even see my ovaries cause they were so tiny because they were not allowed to function properly.

    We stopped trying 1 month ago and I really hope that with the daily stress of trying to conceive being lifted off our shoulders, that it will happen eventually.

    megaanf8907 replied to feeling_inadequate's response:
    Nothing yet on this end. Was at the hospital Tuesday for a bad cold. They gave me a pregnancy test which was negative. Also drew several vials of blood, so I'm thinking that one of them was a blood pregnancy test as well. We stopped trying and actually started having fun.. Just going at it like teenagers. I got really down and depressed about it recently, because I've been catching a lot of grief about wanting a baby at my age (22). My hormones have been crazy ever since last Feb. My significant other finally saw just how much this has been bothering me... Hopefully lady luck will lend a hand soon.
    GINA10701 responded:
    My husband and I were having unprotected sex for 7 yrs and never got pregnant. My cycles were very irregular and I sometimes missed 3-4 months. When we started trying, My Dr. recommended an hsg exam to see if my tubes were clogged. According to the exam, there were no blockages and within 2 weeks I conceived. Unfortunately, our twins had a disease called trisomy 18 and we were forced to terminate. After trying for so long then losing out babies was the hardest thing ever. After 3 months we started trying again. My mother in law bought me ovulation sticks from the dollar store. I used these religiously, starting on the 14th day after my period. The month we conceived, I ovulated 5 days late. Had it not been for those stick, I would have missed the opportunity.

    Now we're blessed to have a 17 month old. I've been sort of trying again but not stressing it. This month I will start the ovu sticks again. Ladies, I know the pain of wanting a baby. Everything happens for a reason. I'm 32 yrs old and my daughter MAdison was worth all of the pain and wait...

    Good Luck
    megaanf8907 replied to GINA10701's response:
    so after trying and trying. i went to the ER with pregnancy symptoms, sharp pains in my pelvic area, but never a positive pregnancy test. I wanted to make sure it wasn't a complication such as an eptopic or a tubal. Come to find out, I have a heart shaped uterus. The docs said it will be extremely difficult for me to conceive and if I am able, it will be very difficult to carry because since my uterus is shaped so oddly, the baby will not attach correctly and my equilibrium will be way off. They recommend surgery, which I can't afford. Just thought I'd share the update.
    lindseymk replied to megaanf8907's response:
    I am so sorry to hear that news! My heart goes out to you. Maybe God will find a way. Just know my prayers are with you! xoxo
    Jersey_mama replied to GINA10701's response:
    I was touched by your story and you are right, we cannot lose hope. I have tried the sticks and I don't seem to ever get a positive one. I've been using the expensive clear blue ones, but maybe need to try the dollar ones. I often find that stuff at the dollar store is better than the expensive anyways! Thanks for the tip!

    Oh, and keep us posted on your BFP!
    megaanf8907 replied to Jersey_mama's response:
    I have a bicornate uterus and I have discovered after going to an OB that I do no ovulate. it's going to be a long road ahead if I want to conceive. For now, I am having issues with my intestines and will be having a colonoscopy this week to check for cancer, among other things. I will keep you posted on everything.
    megaanf8907 replied to megaanf8907's response:
    So I have an update... Since I haven't been on here in almost a year, I figured I should fill you in. For the last three months, I have had regular cycles. I found out in July that I have ovarian cysts, but with having regular cycles, I should have them taken care of. I am late by 10 days now, and in another week or so I will be taking a test with fingers and toes crossed! I am showing some signs of early pregnancy and here's hoping that my mind isn't just playing tricks on me again. I was told in July that it will be difficult to conceive, but not impossible and we're back to trying full swing. We don't take it too seriously, but we're both hoping and praying.
    megaanf8907 replied to megaanf8907's response:
    New update: Today I miscarried. Started a week late and it was heavy and very abnormal. I will be going to the doc soon to get things taken care of but I figured I would post a new update that I had successfully gotten pregnant, so there is still hope.

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